Friday, October 3, 2014

Toke Radio 59: Will Washington Harvest Lower Prices? Study Refutes MMJ Abuse In Cali! Maryland Decrim Takes Effect!

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Toke Signals Stories of the Week

Washington: Marijuana Retailers Hope Harvest Will Lower Prices, Combat Black Market

(Hemp News)

With licensed producers of marijuana bringing in autumn's outdoor harvest, retailers who own the recreational cannabis stores created by limited legalization measure I-502 are hoping to lower prices enough to diminish the black market -- which was one of the main justifications for the law passed by state voters two years ago.

California: Study Refutes Claims of Widespread Abuse in Medical Marijuana Program

(Hemp News)

A new landmark study published last week by the peer-reviewed journal Drug and Alcohol Review refutes the long-held belief that abuse of California's medical marijuana law is widespread. The study, "Prevalence of medical marijuana use in California, 2012," is the first time anyone has formally measured such data in the state according to its authors Suzanne Ryan-Ibarra, Marta Induni, and Danielle Ewing of the Survey Research Group at Public Health Institute in Sacramento.

Maryland: Marijuana Decriminalization Bill To Take Effect Wednesday

(Hemp News)

Legislation adopted this year to remove criminal penalties for marijuana possession in Maryland will go into effect on Wednesday, October 1.

Philadelphia Mayor Signs Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Into Law

(Hemp News)

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter on Wednesday signed a bill into law that replaces criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana with a civil fine, similar to a traffic ticket.After stalling for much of the summer, the mayor agreed to sign a compromise bill approved on September 18 by the Philadelphia City Council. 

Maine: Men Dressed As Law Enforcement Steal Medical Marijuana Plants

(Hemp News)

Police are pursuing numerous leads in the case of three men impersonating law enforcement officers, two dressed in black SWAT team gear and one wearing a sheriff's office uniform and armed with a handgun, who robbed the medical marijuana garden of a local patient.

New Mexico: Credit Unions To Close Medical Marijuana Licensed Producer Bank Accounts

(Hemp News)

Eight months after the federal Department of Justice and Treasury Department announced new guidelines allowing banks to work with marijuana businesses, some of the credit unions in New Mexico sent letters to almost half of the State’s licensed medical marijuana producers saying they will no longer accept their business and proceeded with closing their accounts.

Washington: Spokane Considers Testing Sewage To Measure Marijuana Use

(Hemp News)

Alison Holcomb trusts poop more than people. The author of Washington state's recreational marijuana law has suggested that the city of Spokane test its sewage for traces of cannabis in order to more accurately measure use by residents.

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