Friday, October 10, 2014

Toke Radio 60: Researcher Claims Pot Causes Mental Disorders! Basque Parliament Endorses Cannabis Clubs! Morocco Considers Legalization!

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Australia: Researcher Claims Marijuana Causes Mental Disorders, Loss of Intelligence

(Hemp News)

Surprise, surprise: When you summarize the results of 20 years' worth of the most anti-marijuana studies you can find, you get anti-marijuana conclusions. In what is being touted in sensationalistic press accounts as a "definitive study," an Australian is claiming that his investigation into 20 years of marijuana research shows that cannabis is addictive, causes mental health problems and is a gateway to hard drug use.

Spain: Basque Parliament Urges Government To Legalize, Regulate Cannabis Clubs

(Hemp News)

The Basque Parliament on Wednesday urged the Basque Government to legalize and regulate the activity of cannabis clubs, and give legal support to marijuana cultivation for club members' collective consumption.

Morocco: Hash-Producing Nation Considers Marijuana Legalization

(Hemp News)

A new law being considered in Morocco that would legalize marijuana cultivation for medical and industrial uses, finally bringing the North African Islamic nation's thriving hashish industry into the open.

U.S.: Medical Marijuana Advocaters Survey Candidates Ahead of November Elections

(Hemp News)

The medical marijuana advocacy group Americans for Safe Access (ASA) has produced a new 30-second online advertisement to launch its survey drive for for this year's election-cycle educational campaign.

Wisconsin: Patients Receive Oregon Medical Marijuana Authorizations at Harvest Fest

(Hemp News)

Forty-eight Wisconsin medical marijuana patients this year got their Oregon medicinal cannabis authorizations at the annual Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Fest. "But wait," you may be thinking. "They live in Wisconsin, not Oregon." That's entirely true -- but according to those in the know, having an out-of-state medical marijuana authorization gives these patients some legal cover should the police come calling.

Washington: Exploding Bottles of Marijuana Soda Removed From Shops

(Hemp News)

Legal Pomegranate marijuana-infused soda has more bang for the buck than its manufacturers and distributors realized. The drink has been removed from three Washington marijuana stores after bottles started exploding on the shelves.

Georgia: Cops Raid Man's Home After Mistaking Okra For Marijuana

(Hemp News)

What have those Georgia cops been smoking? They don't know the difference between okra and cannabis.

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Kittitas County, Washington Pot Prohibitionists Snicker at Cannabis Farmers

(Toke Signals)


“They don’t dress like us – they wear suits and kinda gangsta”
~ a comment from a pot prohibitionist at Tuesday’s meeting in Kittitas County, Washington State, as reported from the Kittitas Cannabis Alliance Facebook Page

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