Friday, October 31, 2014

Toke Radio 63: Big Pot Raids In Colorado! Cali Cops Say 'Fuck The Growers'! LEAP Cops Endorse Legalization!

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Denver Police, Federal Agents Conduct Large Raids On Marijuana Grows

(Hemp News)

Denver police and federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents on Tuesday morning conducted large raids on multiple marijuana growing operations near Denver.

Cops Wear 'FUCK THE GROWERS' Shirts During San Diego Pot Raids

(Hemp News)

Marijuana for medicinal purposes was legalized by California voters at the ballot box back in 1996 -- but some law enforcement types apparently still haven't gotten the message. Police routinely terrorize thousands of patient-cultivators every year with warrantless, no-knock raids, willfully ignoring established law, and now a San Diego narcotics officer has been photographed wearing a t-shirt reading "FUCK THE GROWERS... MARIJUANA'S STILL ILLEGAL -- while raiding patients.

Law Enforcement Officials Tour States To Lend A Hand To Drug Policy Reform Initiatives

(Hemp News)

As the midterm election approaches, representatives of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) are hard at work educating voters about the need for drug policy reform in states with relevant initiatives on the ballot.

Oregon: 30 Law Enforcement Officials Endorse Marijuana Legalization Measure

(Hemp News)

With only six days left before ballots are due, 30 law enforcement officials from across the western half of the United States have endorsed Oregon’s Measure 91 to regulate marijuana.

War On Marijuana Defies Science, Doctors Testify In U.S. Federal Court

(Hemp News)

Three medical experts on Friday, Monday and Tuesday testified in federal court that the federal government's war on marijuana defies science, and is thus unconstitutional.

Legal Marijuana Industry Could Be Bigger Than NFL By 2020

(Hemp News)

A new report projects that legal marijuana could be an industry with revenues of $35 billion by 2020 if cannabis is legalized at the federal level. Greenwave Advisors, which authored the report, notes that this is a floor representing revenues in the first year of nationwide legalization.

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