Friday, September 26, 2014

Toke Radio 58: Attorney General Resigns! First Hemp Harvest In KY! 2016 Legalization In CA!

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U.S.: Attorney General Holder To Resign; Will His Replacement Follow Through On Reform?

(Hemp News)

Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday announced that he will be resigning from office once a replacement is found. Drug policy and criminal justice reform advocates expressed disappointment he is leaving office, praising his leadership and calling on President Obama to nominate a replacement who will carry on Holder’s reform work.

Kentucky: First Legal Hemp Crop In 70 Years Harvested

(Hemp News)

The first legal hemp harvest in Kentucky in 70 years has begun at the University of Kentucky. Researchers on Tuesday cut their test plot, which will now remain in the field for two weeks.

California: Marijuana Policy Project Filing Committee For 2016 Legalization Initiative

(Hemp News)

The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) is filing a committee with the California Secretary of State on Wednesday to support a 2016 ballot initiative to regulate marijuana like alcohol in California. According to MPP, "It will be part of a broad coalition of local activists, community leaders, organizations, and businesses working to pass a measure similar to the one approved by voters in Colorado in 2012."

Israel: Army Reservists Allowed To Use Medical Marijuana

(Hemp News)

Reserve soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces who hold a prescription for medical marijuana will be allowed to continue using cannabis even while they are performing their active reserve duty, it was announced on Monday. 

Pennsylvania Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

(Hemp News)

The Pennsylvania Senate on Wednesday approved a bill to legalize the medicinal use of marijuana; the bill now heads to the state House of Representatives.

Rhode Island Gubernatorial Candidate Takes A Hit Of Weed In Campaign Ad

(Hemp News)

Some political candidates seem to be in denial about their marijuana use, but a write-in candidate for governor of Rhode Island wants to make sure voters know she uses cannabis every day for both cooking and medicinal purposes.

Oregon: Portland Hempstalk Festival Moves To Tom McCall Waterfront Park This Weekend

(Hemp News)

It's a go for the 10th annual Portland Hempstalk Festival; after months of delay, city officials have finally issued a permit for this weekend's event.

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