Monday, December 16, 2013

Toke Signals Radio 21: MMJ Home Grow In WA? UN Loathes Legalization! Pot Returns To Pharmacopeia!

The 21st episode of Toke Signals Radio with host Steve Elliott takes a look at some of the biggest marijuana news stories of the week.

Find out what you need to know about the week in cannabis/marijuana news, in 30 minutes!

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Toke Signals Radio Bud Pick of the Week

Toke  Signals Radio Stories of the Week

Washington Liquor Board Reverses Itself; Recommends Medical Marijuana Patients Can Grow At Home

(Hemp News)

In a major victory for the medical marijuana community, the Washington State Liquor Control Board, under heavy patient pressure, on Wednesday reversed itself, signaling they will recommend to lawmakers that medical marijuana patients continue to be allowed to grow cannabis in their homes.

Uruguay Marijuana Legalization Challenged By UN's International Narcotics Control Board

(Hemp News)

The celebration is in full swing in Uruguay, which became the first nation in modern times to legalize marijuana, but a drug agency overseen by the United Nations on Wednesday claimed that the move violates an international treaty on controlled substances.

Experts Issue Standards On Cannabis, Restore Classification As A Botanical Medicine

(Hemp News)

The American Herbal Pharmacopoeia (AHP), in a historic move, on Wednesday released the first installation of a two-part Cannabis monograph that classifies cannabis (marijuana) as a botanical medicine, alongside many other widely accepted complementary and alternative medicines.

It's Legal To Smoke Marijuana On Your Front Porch, Says Denver City Council

(Hemp News)

The Denver City Council on Monday overwhelmingly approved allowing adults to smoke marijuana on their front porches and private property, even if it's in clear public view. 

Seattle City Council Approves $27 Fine For Smoking Marijuana In Public

(Hemp News)

Smoking marijuana in public is still against the law in Washington state, even under legalization measure I-502, but it won't cost you very much, at least in Seattle.

Study: Marijuana Doesn't Cause Schizophrenia

(Hemp News)

Claims of a causal link between marijuana use and the development of schizophrenia have been some of the (literal) Reefer Madness claims hardest to extinguish, partly because of insistent coverage in the British tabloid press which actually led to the Brits re-criminalizing cannabis after briefly relaxing the laws. But yet another study, this one from Harvard Medical School, has found no association between smoking cannabis and going crazy.

Toke TV Must Reads of the Week

The Undergreen Railroad: Helping Marijuana Refugees Find Freedom

(Toke Signals)

A new nonprofit organization, The Undergreen Railroad, has formed to help marijuana refugees relocate from states with unfriendly cannabis laws to more compassionate states.

Studies Spanning 12 Years: Medical Cannabis Works

(Toke Signals)

A historic experiment in medical marijuana research spanning a dozen years, which brought new science to the debate on the place of cannabis in medicine, has found that the herb offers broad benefits for pain control from injuries, HIV, strokes and other conditions. 

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Monday, October 21, 2013

WA State: YES On 522!

Vote YES on 522! Label those GMO foods! Knowledge is power!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Toke Signals TV with Steve Elliott (Toke TV #9)

Attorney General Holder Expands Reform!

Washington Supreme Court Upholds Medical Defense!

Legalization Drive In Oregon!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Toke Signals TV with Steve Elliott: Cannabis News (Episode 8)

The seventh episode of Toke Signals TV, the video blog of Steve Elliott's, takes a look at some of the biggest marijuana news stories of the past week.

Toke TV is a joint production of Toke Signals and

Thursday, August 22, 2013

You happened to me.

You happened to me. I was happened to
like an abandoned building by a bull-
dozer, like the van that missed my skull
happened a two-inch gash across my chin.
You were as deep down as I've ever been.
You were inside me like my pulse. A new-
born flailing toward maternal heartbeat through
the shock of cold and glare: when you were gone,
swaddled in strange air I was that alone
again, inventing life left after you.

I don't want to remember you as that
four o'clock in the morning eight months long
after you happened to me like a wrong
number at midnight that blew up the phone
bill to an astronomical unknown
quantity in a foreign currency.
The U.S. dollar dived since you happened to me.
You've grown into your skin since then; you've grown
into the space you measure with someone
you can love back without a caveat.

While I love somebody I learn to live
with through the downpulled winter days' routine
wakings and sleepings, half-and-half caffeine-
assisted mornings, laundry, stock-pots, dust-
balls in the hallway, lists instead of longing, trust
that what comes next comes after what came first.
She'll never be a story I make up.
You were the one I didn't know where to stop.
If I had blamed you, now I could forgive
you, but what made my cold hand, back in prox-
imity to your hair, your mouth, your mind,
want where it no way ought to be, defined
by where it was, and was and was until
the whole globed swelling liquefied and spilled
through one cheek's nap, a syllable, a tear,
was never blame, whatever I wished it were.
You were the weather in my neighborhood.
You were the epic in the episode.
You were the year poised on the equinox. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stop Apologizing For Who You Are

Stop apologizing for the things that you enjoy smoking.

Stop apologizing for the things you enjoy eating.

Stop apologizing for the things you enjoy wearing.

Stop apologizing for the things you enjoy watching.

Stop apologizing for the things you enjoy hearing.

Stop apologizing for how you prefer to spend your day.

Stop apologizing for the things that make you happy.

Stop apologizing for loving the things you love.

Stop apologizing for who you are...

Monday, August 5, 2013

Toke Signals TV with Steve Elliott (Episode 2)

The top cannabis stories of the week from Steve Elliott at -- Your source for uncut, uncensored, no-holds-barred, non-corporate-controlled cannabis news!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Menace Demarco ~ Addicted

I'm your ex-boyfriend
I'm the one that you call
When the new dude ain't doin' it right or not at all

~ Menace Demarco

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Wild One

"The Wild One" by American painter Malcolm T. Liepke [1953]

Friday, January 25, 2013

Coming... Non-Corporate-Controlled Cannabis News -- Toke Signals

Do you trust big corporations to keep your best interests at heart?

Then why do you trust them to provide you with something as crucial as cannabis news?

You don't have to trust them, you know. Coming soon, the website Toke Signals will provide uncut, uncensored, no-holds-barred coverage of the world of marijuana. And there are no corporate bosses telling us "you can't say that.

We don't care whom we piss off by telling the truth about cannabis. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Goodbye, Toke of the Town