Sunday, August 22, 2010

Plethora of Pretty Pot Pipes

Hempfest 2010... yeah, it's a helluva party. Check out these pipes.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Let's Fire Boss Hauge As Kitsap County D.A.

Writer/activist Greg Jablonski
By Greg Jablonski

Kitsap County has had two high profile medical marijuana cases in the past year prosecuted by D.A. Russell Hauge.

In one case, Bruce Olsen was acquitted by a jury of 12 of his peers. In September of last year, Robert Dalton was not so lucky, being found guilty by Judge Anna M. Laurie. She reasoned that he was not a qualifying patient and could take opiate-based painkillers instead, even though Dalton stated that opiates made him sick.

It is unconscionable that Judge Laurie ignored a medical doctor’s opinion and declared by her verdict that she knew medicine and treatment better than a doctor and his patient.

While D.A. Hauge’s blunders are not confined to medical marijuana cases, he is an equal-opportunity scumbag.

Travis Groves had a run-in with Hauge last year after calling in a burglary to his home. Instead of investigating said burglary, the police ran Groves’ name through a criminal database and found him to be a felon and arrested him for his wife’s guns.

Groves recalled thinking, “Someone broke into my house, and I’m the one going to jail for my wife’s guns.”

Groves was indeed a felon. He pleaded guilty in 1990, when he was 18, to breaking into a Shelton-area school. He served nine days in jail, did several hundred hours of community service, and was on probation for two years, his wife Rebecca said. But nothing in his paperwork from Mason County Superior Court warns him he was not to possess firearms, he claims.

Groves did receive a letter from the Department of Corrections that said he could not own guns, but he believed the so-called “firearms notice” covered only the time he was on probation for the burglaries.

While Hauge could have plea bargained out this 20 year long law-abiding citizen, he decided to waste our money on a show trial. And while Hauge did get his conviction of Groves, he petitioned the judge to release him on time served. This is just one of many examples of the waste in the D.A.’s office.

With our economy in a shambles and our state and county running enormous deficits, why are our elected leaders wasting taxpayer’s money prosecuting and incarcerating people that should be left alone?

Renegade judges and prosecutors who choose to go against the public's will should be recalled and removed from office.

Judge Anna M. Laurie and Prosecutor Russ Hauge must be shown the door.

Let’s put some responsible people in their place who reflect the public’s will.

While Anna Laurie’s term isn’t up until 2012, we all can do something about Boss Hauge right now.

Lets all vote him out of office!

Vote for Bruce Danielson for Kitsap County D.A.