Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Zombie-Brained Cultists Are Annoying...

A Ron Paul fan just helpfully informed me that I work for:

• the federal government; and/or

• Big Pharma; and/or

• Monsanto...

because I'm not a Ron Paul fan.

Geez. And you Paul-Bots wonder why we find you so damn annoying?

Get a grip. Not everybody has to agree with you; I promise the sky won't fall.

Fuck! Are you THAT damn insecure in your beliefs?

(Don't try to "convert" me. I likely already know more about Ron Paul than you do. Disregard these words and get your dumb ass blocked. Thank you.)

Here she is:!/mjDreamin

If you think you've seen a government against you, you ain't seen nothing yet. Let Ron Paul and his ilk take over, and the kind of corporate deregulation we saw under Bush -- which wrecked the economy, if you haven't noticed -- would be NOTHING compared to what Ron Paul wants to do.

Ron Paul would completely unleash the corporations, removing any remaining regulations that keep them from completely poisoning the air, the earth, and the sea, for the sake of their bloated profits.

Ron Paul would completely remove all the civil rights laws, leaving minorities to fend for themselves.

Ron Paul would completely remove all workplace regulations protecting employees from unsafe and unsanitary working conditions.

It's the stupidest set of ideas ever advanced by a major politician, and I'm not supposed to SAY anything? And then when I dare speak up, THEN you say I'm "insulting people who support Ron Paul"?

If you believe in the mythos advanced by Ron Paul -- that we should return America to some glorious past of freedom -- then you must have a hard time distinguishing fact from fiction.

If you truly believe "freedom is the old American way," you must have studied a different American history than the one I know.

Freedom's a great idea -- not that we've ever tried it in this country.

And if your idea of "freedom" is corporate slavery -- which is EXACTLY what we'd get under the ideas espoused by Ron Paul -- then don't expect me to keep my mouth shut about it, because your dream is my nightmare.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012