Friday, September 4, 2015

Toke Radio 99: Marijuana Lifer Walks Free After 20 Years! Marijuana Monopoly In Ohio? Legalization Drive Advances In Mass.!

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Missouri: Jeff Mizanskey Walks Free After Serving 2 Decades In Prison For Pot

(Hemp News)

Jeff Mizanskey walked out of prison Tuesday morning a free man after spending 21 years behind bars because of a minor, nonviolent marijuana offense. Mizanskey walked into the arms of more than a dozen family, friends and supporters, including his son, who had fought for years for his dad's release from prison.

Denver Cracks Down On Pesticides In Marijuana Products

(Hemp News)

Denver health officials on Tuesday started inspecting and quarantining hundreds of cannabis products because their labels listed pesticides not approved by the state for use on marijuana.

Fears Of Marijuana Monopoly Undercut Support For Ohio Legalization Measure

(Hemp News)

If a ballot measure says "legalization" on it, it's always good, right? RIGHT? Maybe not.

Canada Revenue Agency Confirms Medical Marijuana As Allowable Medical Expense

(Hemp News)

The Canada Revenue Agency has officially confirmed that medical marijuana to be purchased by an individual patient from a licensed producer under Health Canada's Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) is an allowable medical expense under the Income Tax Act.

Massachusetts Initiative To Legalize Marijuana Moves Closer To Ballot

(Hemp News)

A proposed initiative to regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol in Massachusetts moved another step closer to the 2016 ballot Wednesday when the state Attorney General’s office certified the petition in support of the measure.

Wisconsin Marijuana Decriminalization Movement Taking Off Across State

(Hemp News)

More and more cities across Wisconsin are relaxing penalties against people caught with small amounts of marijuana, as the decriminalization movement sweeps across the state.

Uruguay Recommends Marijuana Legalization To The Rest Of The World

(Hemp News)

Uruguay isn't just defending its own national sovereignty regarding its legalization of marijuana. The small South American country is now recommending that the rest of the world adopt its policies as an alternative to the War On Drugs.

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