Friday, August 21, 2015

Toke Radio 98: Ohio Could Be 1st To Legalize In Midwest! Oregon Sets Rules For Marijuana Sales! Alaska Wants To Sell Homegrown!

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Ohio Could Become First State In Midwest To Legalize Marijuana

(Hemp News)

Ohio could become the fifth state, and the first in the Midwest, to legalize marijuana under a measure that qualified on Wednesday for the state's November 2015 ballot. The measure itself, however, remains controversial, as it basically hands control of the state's legal cannabis industry to a handful of entrepreneurs.

Oregon: Draft Rules Issued For Recreational Marijuana Sales

(Hemp News)

Oregon marijuana dispensaries that plan to make recreational sales to people 21 and older must first tell the state health authority and record the birthdates of shoppers, along with the quantities of cannabis they buy, under draft rules issued Wednesday.

Alaska Advocates Call For Home Growers To Be Able To Legally Sell Weed

(Hemp News)

Home cannabis growers in Alaska need a way to enter the legal marijuana market, a group of advocates said Tuesday at the first public hearing dealing with legal marijuana businesses in the Fairbanks North Star Borough.

Washington: Top Marijuana Advisor Steps Down

(Hemp News)

The bureaucrat who helped implement Washington state's recreational marijuana law -- and dismantle the state's medical marijuana program -- is stepping down.



Israel: Medical Cannabis Could Be Worth More Than Natural Gas

(Hemp News)

Israel's natural gas reserves off its shores are considered a boon for the nation's economy. But the general consensus Thursday at a Thursday conference was that Israel is missing an even bigger opportunity -- in the field of medicinal cannabis.

The conference, on how Israel's farmers could benefit from the global market for medical marijuana, was hosted by the Israel Loss Adjusters Association (ILAA), reports Niv Elis at The Jerusalem Post. The cannabis market in the United States alone stands at $35 billion a year, according to Doron Havkin, chairman of the ILAA.

Backroom Deals Prevail As Marijuana Goes Mainstream

(Toke Signals)

It’s no secret there’s lots of green gravitating to the cannabis business, and we’re not just talking herbs. The scent of money has led to some sketchy deals and the welfare of mom-and-pop businesses, along with that of medical marijuana patients, has more often been taking a back seat to financial considerations (hello, Washington state).

Unfortunately, the playing field is not level.

Kentucky: Sheriff's Office Asks Drug Dealers To Turn In Rivals

(Hemp News)

Is it the American way? A sheriff's office in Kentucky is encouraging drug dealers to turn in their rivals, counting on old-fashioned greed to help them make arrests.

Toke Signals Must Read of the Week

This Booth Was Openly Vending Weed At Seattle Hempfest

(Toke Signals)


I’ve attended Seattle Hempfest for a decade now, but yesterday I saw something I hadn’t seen before: marijuana being openly dealt from a booth at the event.

Make no mistake about it — it’s been easy to score weed at Hempfest every time I’ve gone, and I’ve written about that before (to the irritation of those who’d prefer to keep such things stuffed tightly in the closet). I got some pretty good herb, for instance, during Vivian McPeak’s “Don’t buy weed at Hempfest speech” in 2013.


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