Friday, September 11, 2015

Toke Radio 100: Parliament To Debate Legalization! Tourists Can Buy Medical Weed In Vegas! 67 Men Serving Life For Pot!

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U.K.: Parliament To Debate Cannabis Legalization Next Month

(Hemp News)

In what looks to be a first for the United Kingdom, Parliament will debate the legalization of cannabis next month, House of Commons authorities announced on Wednesday.

Nevada: Tourists Can Now Buy Medical Marijuana In Las Vegas

(Hemp News)

Fifteen years after Nevada voters approved the legalization of medical marijuana, the first dispensary opened its doors August 24 in Clark County. The southwest Las Vegas shop is allowed, under state law, to serve tourists who are registered medical marijuana patients in their home states, as well as Nevada residents.

U.S.: At Least 67 People Are Serving Life Sentences For Marijuana

(Hemp News)

At least 67 people are serving life sentences in prison right now for marijuana in the United States.

The plight of marijuana lifers has received new attention since the release last week of Jeff Mizanskey, who had been one of them, reports Tony Dokoupil at MSNBC.

U.S.: Controlled By Prison Lobby? Hillary Clinton Unlikely To End War On Drugs

(Hemp News)

More and more Americans have come to realize that the War On Drugs is a colossal failure -- but presidential contender Hillary Clinton doesn't seem to be one of those. Hillary seems unlikely to end that futile war and the mass incarceration which results from it, due to her ties to the prison lobby.

U.S.: DEA Chief Says Marijuana Is Dangerous, Should Stay In Schedule I

(Hemp News)

New federal Drug Enforcement Administration head Chuck Rosenberg in a TV interview last week called marijuana "dangerous" and added, "If we come up with a medical use for it, that would be wonderful. But we haven't."

Kansas: Vietnam Veteran, 65, Denied Pain Pills After Testing Positive For Marijuana

(Hemp News)

A nationwide argument between the Veterans Administration and groups which protect the rights of veterans emerged in Kansas on Tuesday.

Seniors Seeking Out States Where Marijuana Is Legal

(Hemp News)

There's a new factor playing a big role when seniors choose retirement locales these days: marijuana laws.

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Meet Antonio Bascaro, The Nation's Longest Serving Marijuana Prisoner

(Toke Signals)

Cannabis POW of the Month
By Cheri Sicard (Cannabis Cheri)


Antonio Bascaro, who has served more than 35 years behind bars for a nonviolent marijuana conspiracy offense, holds the dubious honor of being the nation’s — and perhaps the world’s — longest serving marijuana prisoner. A former Cuban naval pilot who participated in the Bay of Pigs invasion, Bascaro fled Castro’s Cuba shortly thereafter.

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