Friday, September 25, 2015

Toke Radio 101: Legalization Doesn't Turn Kids Into Potheads! Washington Opens Up Marijuana Licensing! Legalization In Florida?

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Evidence Shows Legalizing Marijuana Unlikely To Turn Kids Into Potheads

(Hemp News)

Supporters of the War On Drugs often claim that loosening restrictions on marijuana use -- such as decriminalization, allowing medicinal use, legalizing it completely, or even discussing legalization -- will "send the wrong message" to young people and lead to increased teen drug use. But the evidence has repeatedly shown this notion to be inaccurate.



Washington To Open Retail Marijuana License Applications; No Initial Cap

(Hemp News)

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) on Wednesday announced that beginning October 12, it will accept new retail applications "using the priority criteria set forth in the law." According to the Board, there will not be an initial cap on the number of licenses issued.



Seattle IRS Agent Charged With Bribing Marijuana Store Owner

(Hemp News)

A Seattle-based Internal Revenue Service agent was charged on Monday with soliciting a bribe and accepting payment from a local recreational-marijuana business owner.



Pakistan Military Conflict Threatens Marijuana Crop

(Hemp News)

Pakistan's traditional marijuana crop, basis of its thriving hashish industry, is being threatened by Pakistan's decade-long war against terrorism and Islamist militancy.



Florida Cannabis Act Would Legalize Marijuana, Regulate Like Alcohol

(Hemp News)

A new drive to legalize recreational marijuana in Florida was launched last week. West Palm Beach attorney Michael Minardi is proposing to regulate marijuana like alcohol.



Oregon Legal Marijuana Sales Begin Oct. 12; Past Convictions Can Be Cleared

(Hemp News)

Oregon wasn't the first state, or the largest, to legalize marijuana. But when it begins retail cannabis sales next month, the state will blaze a new trail, because it will consider applications to clear the record of past marijuana convictions.



Willie Nelson's New Marijuana Brand Willies Reserve Gets Funding

(Hemp News)

Country music legend Willie Nelson is teaming up with private investors looking to cash in on a celebrity-endorsed brand of marijuana.



Toke Signals Must Read of the Week

Hemp In The Hinterlands Can Save Brazil's Economy
By Sergio Vidal

(Toke Signals)

Anyone who has deepened a little more in the history of Brazil that do not have schools know that since the beginning of colonization until the early 20th century, many Brazilians have cultivated legally marijuana in various regions of the country, including the government, through the Real Feitoria Hemp and other initiatives. This had as the main objective the extraction of plant fibers at the time leading textile crop in the world.

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