Friday, September 19, 2014

Toke Radio 57: Legalization Doesn't Increase Use! DC Supports Weed! Bring Hemp To Oregon!

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Study Shows Marijuana Legalization Has Not Led To More Use

(Hemp News)

A nationwide survey released on Thursday found that legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado hasn't led to more young people smoking pot there.

New Poll Shows Support For Marijuana Legalization At 65% In Nation's Capital

(Hemp News)

A new Washington Post/NBC News/Marist poll released on Thursday shows support for Initiative 71, which would legalize marijuana, at 65 percent among likely D.C. voters.

Oregon Farmers Prevented From Hemp Cultivation By Marijuana Prohibition

(Hemp News)

Oregon farmers are forced to watch while consumers here buy millions of dollars in hempseed for food, clothing made of hemp and thousand of other products made from this cash crop, all grown in foreign countries.

Ryan Basile is an Oregonian, a farmer and an agricultural businessman. In this video, he alerts us all to unintended consequences of laws banning marijuana and how it's holding back an entire economy perfect for Oregon's climate.

Class Action Lawsuit Grows Over Marijuana Candy Being Handed Out At Denver Fair

(Hemp News)

More people have joined a class action lawsuit against a company accused of handing out samples of marijuana-infused chocolate at the Denver County Fair.

Israel Family Doctors Given Temporary License To Prescribe Medical Marijuana

(Hemp News)

Israel's Health Ministry, attempting to deal with a heavy load on pain clinics, has announced that family doctors will temporarily be allowed to write medical marijuana prescriptions for their patients.

Mysterious Men Dropping From Helicopters, Chopping Down Mendo Marijuana

(Hemp News)

A mysterious group of men has been raiding medical marijuana plots in Mendocino County, California, and local residents are mystified about the identity of the camouflage-clad group, who aren't police officers.

Marijuana Slang Dictionary Open To Public Submissions

(Hemp News)

For anyone who prides themselves on their knowledge of marijuana subcultures and slang terms, there is now an "open source" outlet to share this knowledge with others. Ganjapreneur, a website dedicated to entrepreneurs and investors in the cannabis industry, has recently announced a marijuana slang dictionary that is open to the public.

Toke Signals Must Read of the Week

Ideal 420 Soil: This 'Just Add Water' Soil Works For Marijuana
(Toke Signals)
Like many who have grown their share of marijuana, I’m skeptical of claims that make the noble art of cannabis cultivation seem, well, too easy. Nurturing this weed through its vegetative cycle and then through flowering requires an attention to detail and a tuned-in way of being aware of the plant’s needs, and no product can replace that.But I was nonetheless intrigued when an Ideal 420 Soil representative offered to send me a sample bag of their growing medium to try. At that point, I had no excuse; I had to ask myself, “What’s the harm in giving it the once through?”

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