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Toke Signals Radio 40: DEA Wants More Weed! Pot Lawsuits In WA! Legal Marijuana Clubs In Spain!

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DEA Wants More Than 30x the Amount of Research Marijuana It Originally Requested

(Hemp News)

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) on May 5 said it needs hundreds of pounds of marijuana for research this year, more than 30 times the amount of cannabis it originally ordered for 2014.

Some Washington Marijuana Entrepreneurs Who Didn't Win License Plan Lawsuits

(Hemp News)


Some entrepreneurs who spent months and thousands of dollars on their dream of opening a retail cannabis shop are very disappointed that they didn't get a license in Washington state's marijuana lottery. Some of them are so disappointed, in fact, that they plan to sue.

Spain: Basque City Votes To License And Regulate Private Marijuana Clubs

(Hemp News)


The Spanish city of San Sebastian, also called Donostia in the Basque region of Spain, has voted to license and regulate -- and thus legalize -- private marijuana clubs.

Florida Student Not Allowed To Publish Medical Marijuana Story In High School Newspaper

(Hemp News)

Medical marijuana will be on the ballot this November in Florida -- but a high school student in Lakeland is fighting for permission to report on that story after being told it couldn't appear in the school newspaper.

Uruguay Will Issue Government-Approved Clones; Non-Government Marijuana Still Illegal

(Hemp News)

Uruguay President Jose Mujica said on Friday that his country's system of marijuana legalization -- which will allow only government-approved strains, and under which all other cannabis will still be illegal -- will be better than Colorado's, whose cannabis law he called "fiction" and "hypocrisy."

Texas Man Faces 5 Years To Life In Prison For Making Marijuana Brownies

(Hemp News)

A Texas man could get five years to life in prison for making marijuana brownies and cookies.

Army Veteran Wants To Give Away Marijuana To Others Who Have Served

(Hemp News)

A Vietnam-era Army veteran wants to give away marijuana to others who have served in the military. It's a simple matter, the way Roger Martin sees it.

"True patriots support cannabis for heroes," he said, reports CBS Denver.

Toke Signals Must Read of the Week

Book Gives An Insider's View Of World's Biggest Hippie Commune

(Hemp News)


The Hippie. Emerging from the ruins of the Beat Generation, the Hippie had a brief shining moment at the apex of the popular imagination, encapsulating both the highest hopes and darkest fears of the post-Kennedy world.

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