Friday, May 23, 2014

Toke Radio 42: FBI To Let In Potheads?! Feds May Cut Off Water For Weed! Wingnuts Oppose Medical Marijuana In Florida!

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FBI Says It May Have To Let Potheads In To Get The Best Hackers

(Hemp News)

The FBI's long-standing policy of no tolerance for marijuana use has forced the law enforcement agency to turn away the very best computer hackers -- and now the agency is looking at letting in cannabis users.

Federal Government May Cut Off Water For Legal Marijuana Crops

(Hemp News)

Some marijuana farmers may soon find themselves with some thirsty plants if the federal government decides to block the use of federal water for state-legal cannabis cultivation.

Florida: 'Vote No On 2' Push Against Medical Marijuana Campaign Begins

(Hemp News)

Amendment No. 2, the medical marijuana question on Florida's ballot for the November general election, is supported by more than 80 percent of Sunshine State residents, according to the latest polls. But a new group, the Vote No On 2 campaign, has launched a website and video denouncing the amendment as legalizing weed for "money for dope dealers."

Vermont: New Poll Shows Strong Majority Support For Marijuana Legalization

(Hemp News)

A strong majority of Vermonters support making marijuana legal for adults, taxing it, and regulating it similarly to alcohol, according to a Castleton Polling Institute survey released on Wednesday.

New Mexico Court Upholds Insurance Coverage For Medical Marijuana

(Hemp News)

An injured auto mechanic who uses medical marijuana to treat pain can have his former employer and the company's insurance provider reimburse him for the cannabis, a New Mexico appeals court ruled on May 19.

Bermuda Activist Wants Immediate Amnesty For Marijuana Growers

(Hemp News)

Activist Alan Gordon has demanded "immediate amnesty" for people who grow cannabis for gravely ill patients in Bermuda, saying that patients can't afford to wait.

Good Kitty Brings Owner Bag Of Weed; Dumb Owner Calls Cops

(Hemp News)

Cats are known to give such gifts as dead mice to their owners. But a cool kitty in New Zealand brought a bag of weed home; too bad the clueless owner called the cops.

Toke Signals Must Read of the Week

Christie Prefers Online Gambling Over Marijuana For New Jersey

By Michael Hayne

(Toke Signals)


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie — who has his eyes on the White House — has made it abundantly clear that he opposes marijuana legalization in the Garden State. Speaking at a carefully screened townhall of mostly older residents, the blustery bombast of bridges had these words to say regarding marijuana:

“I am not going to turn our state into a place where people fly into to get high,” said Christie. “And if people want legalized marijuana in the state, elect a new governor.” (CBS)

As of now, people fly into New Jersey to get high off of industrial fumes and Snookie’s hairspray. Given all the millions in pot revenue raked in by Colorado, it’s odd that Christie would so deeply oppose it.

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