Friday, May 30, 2014

Toke Radio 43: Congress Votes To End War On Medical Marijuana! Minnesota Becomes 22nd MMJ State! Hemp Planted In Kentucky!

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U.S. Congress Votes To End War On Medical Marijuana Patients And Providers

(Hemp News)

After years of effort and six previous tries, an unprecedented victory has finally happened. Congress on Thursday night approved a measure (219-189) that will prevent the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) from interfering with state medical marijuana laws. The legislation marks the first time in history that Congress has voted in favor of ending the federal government’s war on medical marijuana patients and providers. A record-high 49 Republicans joined 170 Democrats in voting for the measure.

Advocates Welcome Minnesota As 22nd Medical Marijuana State, Object To Restrictions

(Hemp News)

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton on Thursday signed a bill into law officially making Minnesota the 22nd state in the nation to allow people with debilitating conditions to access medical marijuana if their doctors recommend it. Patient advocates celebrated the passage of SF 2470, which will protect some patients from arrest, prosecution, and discrimination, as well as license two cultivators of medical marijuana and eight distribution centers across the state.

Kentucky: Hemp Seeds Legally Planted For First Time In Decades

(Hemp News)


Hemp has been legally planted in Kentucky for the first time in decades, signaling the tentative return of a crop which once was a lucrative industry for the Bluegrass State.

Backers Launch Ballot Initiative Signature Drive To End Marijuana Prohibition In Nevada

(Hemp News)

The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol on Tuesday launched a signature drive in support of a 2016 ballot measure that would end marijuana prohibition in Nevada. State Sen. Tick Segerblom (D-Las Vegas) and former Nevada Republican Senate Caucus Executive Director Joe Brezny were the first to sign the cannabis legalization petition at a news conference in Sen. Segerblom's law office.

Washington Parolees Allowed To Smoke Marijuana Starting June 1

(Hemp News)

In a refreshing bit of "if it's legal, it's legal," parolees in Washington state will be allowed to smoke marijuana starting on June 1, according to the Washington Department of Corrections.

New York State Assembly Passes Comprehensive, Bipartisan Medical Marijuana Bill

(Hemp News)

The New York State Assembly on Tuesday passed the Compassionate Care Act (A. 6357-B/Gottfried) by a bipartisan vote of 91–34. This is the fifth time that the Assembly has passed a medical marijuana bill, and comes just months after the Assembly included the measure in their one-house state budget proposal. The bill remains stalled in the Senate.

Mendocino Sheriff Flush With Cash Due To Marijuana 'Restitution'

(Hemp News)

Is it an inventive new way to clear marijuana cases off the docket, or is it simply a way of separating medical marijuana patients from their money? The Mendocino County Sheriff's Department is flush with cash due to what some are calling "the Mendocino Model," and others are calling the Mendocino shakedown.

Toke Signals Must Read of the Week

Yes We Are: An Interview with R.U. Sirius

(Toke Signals)

An outdoor deck overhanging the Pacific blue, Santa Barbara, California, must have been September 1988, was when I first heard of an entity known as R. U. Sirius. Whatever it was, I was told by a university-era pal who I trusted, I should pay attention.

And I said, “Are you serious?”

This hep buddy slid a half-dozen thin-paper tabloids across the table of the Sea Cove — at which we were dining on calamari and strong iced tea; the LSD was just coming on — and having flipped through the indices and a couple of interviews, I knew that he was. Very.


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