Friday, March 21, 2014

Toke Signals Radio 33: Working Memory Unaffected In Stoners! Marijuana PTSD Study Blocked! NV County Allows Dispensaries!

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Three-Year Scientific Study: Working Memory Unaffected In Heavy Marijuana Users

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A three-year study of heavy cannabis users and controls suggests that “sustained moderate to heavy levels of cannabis” use do not affect working memory.

Arizona State Senator Blocks Federally Approved Medical Marijuana PTSD Study

(Hemp News)

The much-talked-about proposed federally approved study about using marijuana to treat military veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) made headlines when it got a green light from the federal FDA and the Department of Health and Human Services. It even passed the Arizona House of Representatives (the study would be done at the University of Arizona). But one Arizona State Senator, Kimberly Yee, a Republican from Phoenix, has stopped the study in its tracks.

Nevada: Clark County Commission Allows Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

(Hemp News)

Commissioners in Clark County, Nevada gave a victory to advocates on Wednesday, approving an ordinance to allow medical marijuana dispensaries.

Oregon: New Medical Marijuana Rules Require Child-Proof Packaging, Outlaw Most Infused Sweets

(Hemp News)

The Oregon Health Authority on Wednesday issued draft rules to keep marijuana-infused foods and candies away from children.

Michigan: Medical Marijuana Regulatory Agency Approves Adding PTSD As Qualifying Condition

(Hemp News)

The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has decided to accept the recommendation of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Review Panel and add post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to the list of qualifying conditions for the state medical marijuana program.

There's Nothing Else Like It: NW Cannabis Market In Seattle

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There are several medical cannabis farmers markets in the Puget Sound area, but I’d never been to one quite like NW Cannabis Market’s Galaxy location on Rainier Avenue in Seattle until a memorable visit on Wednesday.

Don't Fall For The B.S. About A Medical Marijuana 'Crisis' In Washington State

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There’s been a lot of hot air — and precious little illumination — coming from some mighty prominent places when it comes to the failure of the Washington Legislature this session to force medical marijuana “into compliance” with the recreational cannabis system created by the passage of legalization measure Initiative 502.

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State Accidentally Releases Confidental Law Enforcement Info To Marijuana Activist

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How Secure Is A Patient Registry, When Washington Can’t Even Keep Law Enforcement Info Confidential?

Several bills introduced in the 2014 session of the Washington Legislature would have effectively killed medical marijuana in the state, but none of them passed. Each of the MMJ-killer bills died when the session ended Thursday night. At one time, it seemed almost a slam dunk that at least one of these execrable pieces of legislation — which would greatly reduce patient plant and possession limits and shut down all dispensaries in the state — would pass.

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