Friday, March 7, 2014

Toke Signals Radio 31: OR Activists Vow To Make Ballot! WA Issues 1st Weed License! CO Cops Want More Pot Money!

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Toke Signals Radio Stories of the Week

Oregon Legislature Fails On Marijuana Legalization; Initiative Campaigns Promise A Solution

(Hemp News)

In light of recent news that the Oregon Legislature has abandoned meaningful reforms, initiative activists are moving forward with a new phase in their campaign to end criminal penalties for marijuana.

Washington: Liquor Board Issues First Recreational Marijuana Licenses

(Hemp News)

The Washington State Liquor Control Board on Wednesday issued the state's first licenses to produce and process recreational marijuana during a Board meeting at its headquarters in Olympia.

Colorado: Police Want More Money For Marijuana Enforcement

(Hemp News)

Wait, this is legalization? Colorado's police chiefs are asking the state for more money for "marijuana enforcement," whining that they are "disappointed" in Governor John Hickenlooper's plan for how to spend cannabis taxes.

New Hampshire House Approves bill That Provides Legal Access To Medical Marijuana

(Hemp News)

The New Hampshire House of Representatives on Thursday approved a bill 227-73 that will provide people who qualify for the state's medical marijuana program with legal access to medical marijuana while the state develops a system of regulated medical marijuana cultivation and distribution. The bill will now move to the Senate, where it will receive a public hearing.

Michigan Senate Moves To Let Landlords Ban Tenants From Smoking, Growing Medical Marijuana

(Hemp News)

Michigan landlords could easily ban tenants who are medical marijuana patients from smoking or growing their medicine under a bill advanced on Tuesday by the state Senate.

Ohio: Medical Marijuana Has Popular Support, Lacks Money To Pass

(Hemp News)

An overwhelming majority of Ohioans believe medical marijuana should be legal, according to a poll released last week. But the Buckeye State appears unlikely to change its cannabis laws this year, because a ballot drive doesn't have enough money, and the Republican-controlled Legislature won't bring the issue up for a vote.

Toke  Must Reads of the Week

Is It Dangerous To Decriminalize Marijuana? A Physician's View

(Toke Signals)

A common theme used by those with a vested interest in the ‘War On Drugs’ is that there is a hidden hand at work: Big Cannabis. Big Cannabis is a ‘tool’ of the drug cartels and a danger to truth, justice and the American Way. They talk about the ‘intent’ of the voters to help terminal patients. They talk about marijuana financing heroin and cocaine. “Big Cannabis duped the voters to promote their criminal activity and profits.”

New Marijuana Study Says Everyone Knows You're High And You'll Likely Be Stoned Forever

(Toke Signals)

According to the American Journal of Medicine, you’re not making any sense, and everyone thinks you’re weird. Everyone can smell the marijuana on your breath and on your clothes, and everyone is laughing at you.

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