Friday, March 14, 2014

Toke Signals Radio 32: Weed 2 - A Mixed Bag! Marijuana Helps Epilepsy! KY Senate Passes CBD Bill!

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A Mixed Bag: "Weed 2" Documentary From Dr. Gupta

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s first medical cannabis documentary, “Weed,” changed the debate forever. Bringing into the national consciousness as it did the plight of parents who in many cases are forced to choose between breaking the law, treating their kids, or moving, “Weed” fomented a revolution in awareness of the healing powers of pot.

New Review of Epilepsy and Medical Marijuana Provides Scientific Evidence

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The medical research group American Herbal Pharmacopoeia (AHP) has issued a new scientific review entitled "Cannabis in the Treatment of Epilepsy," which it is offering for free to the public. The review compiles much of the leading and historical research on epilepsy and cannabis (medical marijuana) for use by scientists, physicians, patients, and parents, as well as those producing and manufacturing it for treatment.

Kentucky Senate Unanimously Passes CBD Cannabis Oil Bill

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For the first time in history, the Kentucky Senate on Wednesday unanimously approved a bill which would legalize the medical use of marijuana-derived CBD oil.

N.H. House Approves Bill To Remove Criminal Penalties For Marijuana Possession

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The New Hampshire House of Representatives approved a bill 215-92 on Wednesday that would remove criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana. The strong bipartisan support for the bill indicates the measure could withstand a veto from Gov. Maggie Hassan, who has expressed disapproval for such legislation despite broad public support. The bill will now go to the Senate, where it will be scheduled for a public hearing.

For 1st Time, N.Y. Assembly Includes Medical Marijuana In One-House Budget Bill

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The New York State Assembly on Wednesday introduced and passed their one-house budget proposal, which, for the first time ever, includes the New York’s comprehensive medical marijuana proposal – the Compassionate Care Act (A.6357-A -Gottfried) / S.4406-A -Savino). As the Assembly gathered to pass the measure, dozens of patients, families, caregivers and healthcare providers descended on Albany to press the State Senate to pass the Compassionate Care Act.

Minnesota Medical Marijuana Talks Stall; Law Enforcement Won't Budge

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A bill which would legalize medical marijuana has stalled at Minnesota's Capitol, but supporters say they will continue pushing for Governor Mark Dayton's support on the issue. Gov. Dayton has said a "compromise" with state law enforcement officials is necessary to win his support -- but law enforcement has refused to compromise.

Colorado Gets $2 Million In Marijuana Sales Taxes - In First Month

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Legalization is raking in the cash for Colorado, where state coffers are $2 million fatter from taxes on recreational marijuana from January, the very first month it was legal to sell non-medicinal cannabis in the Rocky Mountain State.

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