Thursday, July 2, 2009

This Just In: Smoking Pot Doesn't Make You Crazy, After All

By Steve Elliott in Chronic City

The time-honored notion of reefer madness, given new life recently in the British tabloid press, has taken another hit from reality. Widespread marijuana use by the public has not been followed by a proportional rise in diagnoses of schizophrenia or psychosis, according to the findings of a forthcoming study to be published in the scientific journal Schizophrenia Research.

It stands to reason, after all: If marijuana really led to psychosis, wouldn't the streets be choked with burned-out, gibbering potheads?

Film director John Holowach, responsible for the documentary High: The True Tale of American Marijuana, wasn't surprised. "I've said it for years now," Holowach told SF Weekly. "If pot and mental illness were linked, the two should rise and fall with one another, but they don't."

Read the rest at Chronic City on the S.F. Weekly blog, "The Snitch":

Chronic City: After Further Review, Smoking Pot Doesn't Make You Crazy -- Blimey!

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