Thursday, July 23, 2009

Marijuana, Money, and the Media

Yes, Grasshopper... Money grows on killa trees. (Photo Courtesy of Compassion Family Ministries)

By Steve Elliott in Chronic City

Things are smoking on the marijuana front, and I'm not just talking about the ringing cash registers at newly emboldened dispensaries statewide. Time after time this week, the media brought together money and marijuana in public perception.

From Fox's attempted debunking of the tax benefits of State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano's statewide regulation and taxation bill, to a huge bust in Fresno County, to Oakland's first-in-the-nation marijuana tax (reported in this space), just about every marijuana story (pro- and anti-) reported this week had big dollar signs all over it.

Read the rest at Chronic City in the SF Weekly blog, "The Snitch":

Chronic City: Marijuana, Money and the Media

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