Friday, July 17, 2009

Big Marijuana Headache For Mendocino District Attorney

Mendocino grow room: Puff, puff, pass? Not so fast

By Steve Elliott in Chronic City

It's not easy being a district attorney, especially in a mostly pot-friendly place like Mendocino County. Whatever law enforcement priorities you follow, it's guaranteed you're going to piss off one group while pleasing another.

Mendocino D.A. Meredith Lintott has gotten a compelling refresher course this week in just how precarious it can be hacking your way through the jungle of competing interests when it comes to enforcing widely unpopular marijuana laws in northern California.

Limited budgets, limited staffing, limited time -- all of these things are faced on a daily basis by the D.A.'s office. Even though it shies away from using words like "overwhelmed" when describing its caseload, the office could still be excused for having something of a besieged bunker mentality. Every arrest generates piles of paperwork; cumulatively, law enforcement efforts generate what must be an intimidating mountain of bureaucracy-ridden documents.

Read the rest at Chronic City in the SF Weekly blog, "The Snitch":

Chronic City: Big Marijuana Headache For Mendocino District Attorney

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