Friday, May 29, 2015

Toke Radio 86: Arrests At Marijuana Convention In Vegas! Daltrey Threatens To End Concert Over Pot Smoke! South Dakota MMJ Drive To Begin!

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Nevada: Arrests Disrupt Medical Marijuana Convention In Las Vegas

(Hemp News)

Las Vegas police and federal drug agents brought in dogs and a SWAT vehicle, occupied the roof, arrested 10 people and seized marijuana and psilocybin over the weekend at Hempcon, a marijuana education convention at the Cashman Center.

New York: Roger Daltrey Threatens To Cancel The Who Concert Due To Pot Smoke

(Hemp News)

The Who's Roger Daltrey on Wednesday night threatened to cancel a concert at Nassau Coliseum, saying he'd walk off stage if someone smoking marijuana near the stage didn't stop.

South Dakota Medical Marijuana Ballot Drive To Begin

(Hemp News)

A South Dakota medical marijuana activist said she hopes to begin gathering signatures within a month to put a medical marijuana proposal on the 2016 ballot. 

Louisiana: Senate Approves Bill To Reform Draconian Marijuana Possession Law

(Hemp News)

Louisiana’s Senate on Monday took an important step toward reforming their state’s harsh marijuana possession law when they approved bill SB 241 by a vote of 27-12. If passed, Louisiana would join the growing number of states that have recently reduced penalties for small amounts of marijuana.

Maryland Governor Vetoes Popular Bill Intended To Fix Marijuana Decrim Law

(Hemp News)

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) announced late Friday afternoon that he has vetoed a widely supported bill to remove criminal penalties for possession of marijuana paraphernalia, including potential jail time.

Missouri: Man Given Life Sentence For Marijuana Has Sentence Commuted

(Hemp News)

Twenty-two years after being arrested for marijuana -- and 19 years after being sentenced to life in prison for it -- Jeff Mizanskey on Friday had his sentenced commuted by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon. 

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Top 5 Marijuana Strains In 2015 [Infographic]

(Hemp News)

InvestInCannabis, a data miner on the cannabis industry, has collected data on the most popular strains based on user information and developed this infographic based on the research.

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