Friday, May 22, 2015

Toke Radio 85: Senate Panel OKs Medical Marijuana For Veterans! Sanders Leaves Door Open To Legalization! IL Senate Approves Removing Criminal Penalties!

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U.S.: Senate Panel OKs Medical Marijuana For Veterans

(Hemp News)

The U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday voted 18-12 to approve an amendment to increase military veterans' access to medical marijuana.

Bernie Sanders Leaves Door Open For Marijuana Legalization

(Hemp News)

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders on Tuesday hinted at support for marijuana legalization, saying police didn't focus on arresting people for pot when he was mayor of Burlington, Vermont.

Illinois Senate Approves Bill To Remove Criminal Penalties For Marijuana Possession

(Hemp News)

The Illinois Senate on Thursday approved a bill 37-19 to remove criminal penalties for possession of a small amount of marijuana. The measure, which was approved by the House of Representatives in April, will now be sent to Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner for his signature. 

Louisiana Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Bill Reforming Marijuana Possession Law

(Hemp News)

Lawmakers in Louisiana on Wednesday took a major step forward when the Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill to reform the state’s harsh marijuana possession law. If passed, Louisiana would join the growing number of states that have recently reduced penalties for small amounts of marijuana.

Oregon Court Rules Portland Police Pulling U.S. Mail For Dog Sniff Test Is Unlawful

(Hemp News)


Portland police and a U.S. postal inspector had no legal authority to intercept a package headed to a Portland home just because they suspected it contained contraband and a police dog later alerted to it, the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled on Wednesday.

Washington Driver Gets 6 Months For Crash That Likely Had Nothing To Do With Marijuana

(Hemp News)

During the campaign leading up to the passage of marijuana legalization Initiative 502 in Washington state in 2012, many activists -- this writer included -- expressed grave concerns about the effect of 502's unscientific, arbitrary per-se cutoff point of 5 nanograms per milliliter as a "bright line" beyond which motorists are considered too high to drive. On Tuesday, a Vancouver, Washington marijuana user got a six-month jail sentence, followed by five years of probation, in a case that illustrates exactly why we were worried.

Washington Compliance Checks Show 4 Recreational Marijuana Stores Sell To Minors

(Hemp News)

Four Western Washington recreational retail marijuana businesses this month failed compliance checks conducted by the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB).

Toke Signals Must Read of the Week

Facebook's Marijuana Problem: User Banned For Sharing Mainstream News Story

(Toke Signals)

Cannabis journalist Steve Elliott on Saturday was banned by Facebook from posting, Liking or commenting for 30 days — for posting the link to a mainstream news story that had been shared by 1,400 other users of the social media site. 

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