Friday, April 24, 2015

Toke Radio 81: Bill Would Respect State Marijuana Laws! Rubio Wants Pot Crackdown! Oregon Cops Want $5M To Go After Weed!

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Bill In Congress Would Allow States To Determine Their Own Marijuana Laws

(Hemp News)

U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) and five Republican co-sponsors on Tuesday introduced legislation in Congress that would modify the federal Controlled Substances Act so that anyone acting in compliance with a state marijuana law would be immune from federal prosecution.

U.S. Senate Confirms Loretta Lynch For Attorney General

(Hemp News)

The U.S. Senate on Thursday afternoon confirmed the nomination of Loretta Lynch to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General in a 56-43 vote. The results of the vote have been highly anticipated, as significant partisan bickering had stalled her appointment for months. 

Presidential Candidate Rubio Wants To Enforce Federal Law In Marijuana States

(Hemp News)

Prospective candidates for the Republican Presidential nomination continued their baffling verbal assault on cannabis this week, as Florida Senator Marco Rubio joined Chris Christie in pledging a federal crackdown on states that have legalized marijuana.

Oregon: What Legalization? Police Want $5 Million For Marijuana Enforcement

(Hemp News)

Legalization? What legalization? Advocates may rightly be asking this question after the Oregon State Police requested a $3.9 million budget increase to go after marijuana. 

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Bill Clears Senate Committee

(Hemp News)

A bill which would legalize the medicinal use of marijuana in the Keystone State unanimously passed a Pennsylvania Senate committee on Tuesday.

Ohio: Group Close To Getting Legalization On Ballot; Accused Of Sabotaging Grassroots Effort

(Hemp News)

The group ResponsibleOhio claims it is more than halfway towards its goal of getting marijuana legalization on the state ballot. But advocates trying to put a rival initiative on the November 5 ballot have accused founders of the well-financed ResponsibleOhio of sabotaging its smaller, weaker competitor last year before launching its own effort.

Alabama: Key Senator Blocks Medical Marijuana Bill; Says State 'Not Ready'

(Hemp News)

Medical marijuana may have been passed by an Alabama Senate committee this week, but a powerful politician quickly blocked the way for further progress, declaring the state is "not ready" for such legislation. The full membership of the Senate won't even get the chance to debate the bill unless he changes his mind. 

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