Friday, April 10, 2015

Toke Radio 79: Congressmen Tell DOJ To Halt MMJ Prosecutions! Tax Reform For Legal Marijuana Businesses! Drug Cartels Buy Prostitutes For DEA Agents!

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Smackdown: Congressmen Tell Justice Dept. To Halt MMJ Prosecutions!

(Hemp News)

In a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder released Wednesday afternoon, U.S. Reps. Sam Farr (D-CA) and Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) refuted the Justice Department’s recent interpretation of a spending provision intended to protect state medical marijuana laws and confirmed that any criminal or civil action against medical marijuana providers is a violation of federal law.

Rep. Blumenauer, Sen. Wynden Announce Tax Reform For Legal Marijuana Businesses

(Hemp News)


Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) on Thursday announced plans to introduce bicameral legislation next week that would reconcile state marijuana laws and federal tax law.

DEA Agents Consorted With Prostitutes Provided By Drug Traffickers

(Hemp News)

If you're an American citizen, you must be aware that federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents spend plenty of your tax money in Latin America. Recent revelations that DEA agents attended sex parties hosted by the same drug traffickers they were supposed to be fighting shed some revealing light on what they've been up to.

Texas: Lawmakers Hold Hearing On Bill To Reduce Penalties For Marijuana Possession

(Hemp News)

The Texas House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence will hold a hearing Wednesday on a bill that would reduce state penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana. The hearing is scheduled to take place in the Texas State Capitol Extension E2.030 upon adjournment of the House. 

Louisiana Residents' Tolerant Views On Marijuana Not Reflected By Harsh State Laws

(Hemp News)

Louisiana residents have a much more relaxed and tolerant approach toward marijuana than is reflected by their state's harsh laws, according to a statewide survey conducted by Louisiana State University this winter. 

California Gubernatorial Candidate Gavin Newsom Supports Marijuana Legalization

(Hemp News)

California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom is preparing for a 2016 gubernatorial campaign, and if an expected ballot measure to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana meets his criteria, he will endorse it and effectively become the public face of the campaign, betting his political future on the popularity of cannabis in the Golden State.

Missouri: Suspect Tells Cops, 'I'm Not Gonna Lie. I Sell Marijuana.'

(Hemp News)

A 27-year-old Missouri man was charged with selling marijuana after confessing during a traffic stop for having the wrong license plate, the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney's Office said on Friday.

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Killing Medical Marijuana: How Could Olympia Stoop So Low?

(Toke Signals)

 Why does the Washington State Legislature want to undermine medical cannabis? New Approach Washington’s Alison Holcomb and Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes with Initiative 502 clearly stated that if passed, it would have no effect on medical cannabis laws. Both repeatedly reassured voters that “I-502 won’t harm patients.”

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