Friday, August 15, 2014

Toke Radio 54 : Banks Offer Services To Marijuana Businesses! Canada Edibles Ban Unconstitutional! Latin America's First MMJ Patient!

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U.S.: Banks Offering Financial Services To Marijuana Businesses

(Hemp News)

A top federal official on Tuesday said that 105 banks and credit unions are now doing business with legal marijuana merchants, and suggested that revised federal rules giving financial institutions the green light to provide services to cannabis businesses are starting to work.

Canada: Medical Marijuana Edibles/Topicals Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

(Hemp News)

Canada's ban on medical marijuana edibles and body creams is unconstitutional, a B.C. Court of Appeal judge ruled on Thursday.

Chile: Housewife Billed As Latin America's First Legal Medical Marijuana Patient

(Hemp News)

A 48-year-old woman in Chile has become the first legal medicinal cannabis patient in Latin America after being granted special permission by the Institute for Public Health due to having both systemic lupus and breast cancer.

Australia: Norfolk Island Medical Marijuana Approval Overturned By Commonwealth

(Hemp News)

It was a short-lived triumph. The approval of medical marijuana that had been granted by Norfolk Island's government was overturned on Thursday by the Australian Commonwealth.

Florida: Anti-Pot Group Claims Medical Marijuana Could Lead To Date Rape

(Hemp News)

An anti-marijuana group in Florida is making new claims that legalizing cannabis for medicinal purposes could lead to date rape.

Washington: First Recreational Marijuana Edibles Sold Legally

(Hemp News)

The very first edible recreational marijuana products are now being sold legally in Washington state, a month after cannabis itself went on sale in state-licensed stores.

Colorado: Gov. Hickenlooper Uses Scare Tactics In Marijuana Prevention Campaign

(Hemp News)

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has introduced his administration’s marijuana prevention campaign to deter underage consumption -- and unfortunately, it uses scare tactics rather than a reality-based approach. The campaign is slated to waste $2 million of taxpayer money.

Colorado: Company Announces Development of Marijuana Pizza

(Hemp News)

Marijuana, it seems, often leads to pizza. Now at least one company is cutting to the chase and combining the two. 

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