Friday, August 1, 2014

Toke Radio 52: Senators Ask White House To Clarify Pot Laws! New York Times Calls For Legalization! US and Canada Highest On Earth!

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Senators Ask White House To Clarify Federal Marijuana Laws

(Hemp News)


The Senate delegations from Colorado and Washington are seeking clarification from the Obama Administration on the regulations which will impact the legal marijuana trade in those two states.

New York Times Calls For Marijuana Legalization

(Hemp News)

In yet another sign of the inevitability of cannabis law reform in the United States, The New York Times has called for marijuana legalization.

U.S. and Canada Higher Than Most Countries, When It Comes To Marijuana Use

(Hemp News)

The United States and Canada should be proud of themselves. According to an annual United Nations report on global drug use, they rank among the highest in the world, when it comes to marijuana use. Nigeria and Australia join the U.S. and Canada as the highest nations on Earth.

Germany: Court Allows Seriously Ill Patients To Grow Their Own Cannabis

(Hemp News)

Germany's Administrative Court of Cologne on July 22 ruled that some patients suffering from chronic pain should be allowed to grow their own cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

Florida: Wow! 88% Support Medical Marijuana; Majority Also Favors Legalization

(Hemp News)

As Floridians get ready to vote on medical marijuana in November, months of campaigning by both sides hasn't moved the numbers at all. A new poll shows 88 percent support for medicinal cannabis, the exact same level of support shown in May.

Brookings Institution Says Colorado Is Successfully Regulating Marijuana

(Hemp News)

Colorado is successfully regulating marijuana, according to a report released on Thursday by the Brookings Institution’s Center for Effective Public Management.

One Seattle Cop Issued 80% of Marijuana Tickets This Year; He's Been Reassigned

(Hemp News)

Eighty percent of the marijuana citations issued by the Seattle Police Department during the first half of this year were written by just one pot-hating cop -- and now that officer has been reassigned.

Australia: Flight Attendant Warns Passengers To Flush Their Drugs Before Landing

(Hemp News)

Most of us would appreciate such a warning, but an Australian airline on Wednesday is apologizing for a flight attendant's tip to passengers that there were drug-detecting dogs waiting for them at a Sydney airport.

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