Monday, February 16, 2009

A Smile Across The Years... Cherokee, N.C., 1977

In 1977, I visited Cherokee, N.C., with my Dad and Mom.

On the ride up, I (a very politically conscious 17-year-old) cautioned my Dad in a very P.C. lecture not to say "How" to any of the Native Americans. He assured me he wouldn't. So imagine my shock when, the first day in Cherokee, this dude walked up to me, held up his hand and bellowed "How!"

I was mortified. Moments later, my dad snapped this picture -- I'm surprised he was able to take the photo, he was laughing so hard. Turns out he'd bribed the guy to embarrass me...

(Dig my cool jeans and Jethro Tull t-shirt... I still have that unerrant fashion sense today, folks.)


pinkpackrat said...

How:-) I'm chuckling across the years too--and too busy noticing the war bonnet to look closely at your outfit--but now that you mention it--nice threads! Thanks for the memories--see you at Woodstock:-)

bradysbeau said...

Hehe reminds me of the glory days
I sure do miss them Thanks for