Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Medical Marijuana Activist Darren McCrea Arrested In Spokane

In happier days: The Spocannabis float wowed the crowd at Spokane's St. Patricks' Day Parade in 2007. Photo by Grinch

The unconscionable and unlawful program of harassment and intimidation of legal marijuana patients and providers by weed-phobic police, under the direction of Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna, continues.

Last night, Darren McCrea, a well known medical marijuana activist, patient and provider who has helped many sick and dying people in the Spokane area find their medicine, was arrested and charged with "selling marijuana."

When will those entrusted with enforcing the law respect it and uphold it, rather than pursuing an irrational, counterproductive and cruel vendetta against the sick and dying patients who qualify for legal medical marijuana? When will the will of the people, as expressed in a free and open election a DECADE ago and reaffirmed by the state legislature, be acknowledged and recognized by law enforcement?

When will Governor Christine Gregoire put a check on her out-of-control, mad-dog Atty. Gen. Rob McKenna, with his superstitious fear of a weed and his "drug enforcement" thugs who are a disgrace to their uniforms? When will this abuse of the public's trust and the laws of our great state end?

Make no mistake about it -- Atty. Gen. McKenna is showboating. He is keenly aware that he's up for re-election in November, and he is pandering to his far-right political base by attacking the sick, the weak and the powerless.

Wake up, Washington! This nonsense has gone on long enough.

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