Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bush The Elder And Anna Kournikova - Clearly This Is A Terrorist Fist Jab!

Conclusive proof: Bush and Kournikova - TERRORISTS!

When Barack and Michelle Obama exchanged a congratulatory fist bump after he secured the Democratic nomination, a Fox News anchor enlightened us by describing the move as "possibly a terrorist fist jab."

Using Fox's unassailable logic, it has now been conclusively determined that former President George H.W. Bush and tennis star Anna Kournikova are ALSO dreaded terrorists... Guards! Seize them!

How helpful of Fox to aid us in recognizing tell-tale signs of being a terrorist! Now we can all lend a hand to our patriotic fiends, er, friends at Homeland Security. Thank you, Fox News, for being so educational and for elevating political discourse in this country to a new level.

What would we do without you, Fox? Why, only yesterday, we learned on Fox News that Michelle doesn't rate being called his "wife." Noooo... you must remember, these are black people we're talking about. She's his baby mama.

Gee whiz, I can hardly wait to get to the ghetto and show off my new Fox-imbued hipness to all my homies! This is gonna be swell... Er, I mean, tight!

Props to my homies at More Muslim Than Obama, to whom credit goes for finding the above Bush/Kournikova picture. Check 'em out if you enjoy political grins.

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