Saturday, May 17, 2008

Veterans Not Welcome In This Armed Forces Day Parade -- Unless They Support Bush's Lies About Iraq

In the Kitsap County town of Bremerton, Washington, simply being a veteran of the armed forces doesn't mean you get to march in the Armed Forces Day Parade. You'd better support Bush's lies about the war in Iraq if you want to participate -- else, forget it!

Hey, Bremerton city officials -- how's the view with your head up your ass?

Hmmm... does being a veteran now mean you can only have one political opinion? Wait a minute... I thought it was freedom they were fighting for?!

Why don't you just be honest and put up a big "Republicans Only" sign?

Shame on you. And big kudos to KOMO 4's Ken Schram for calling you on your bullshit!


Jamee said...

Well, I helped volunteer at the Armed Forces Day Parade, and I actually was in the office quarters of the BACC(Bremerton Area Chamber of Commerce) and they were warm and welcoming people, mind you I am still in high school and volunteering. I don't think that Bremerton is entirely 'right' or 'wrong' for saying they are not invited, but I don't think you should go around bad mouthing people who put on a great event to honor those in uniform. It's a great event. Bremerton is a miliary town and we celebrate them.

☮~alapoet~☠ said...

So, let me make sure I have this straight:

You "don't think it's entirely 'right' or 'wrong'" for the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce to exclude veterans from a parade that is supposed to be HONORING veterans -- because these particular veterans have the wrong political views.

But you DO think it's wrong for me to speak out on behalf of these veterans? Interesting.

You also seem to be a little confused between "celebrating the veterans" and supporting the President's failed policy in Iraq.

In my mind, it's not exactly "celebrating the veterans" to send them to die for no reason, in another country's civil war. There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq -- that was why we supposedly attacked them. The President lied about that.

And it's not exactly "celebrating the veterans" to tell them "You are only allowed to have one political point of view; if you dare to think anything besides what we TELL you to think, then you don't get to say so." That's not "celebrating veterans" and it certainly isn't celebrating the freedoms that they fought and, in many cases, died for.

Saying that "Bremerton is a military town" does NOT equal "Bremerton is a Republican town, and if you aren't a Republican, you should keep your mouth shut." I used to live in Bremerton, and I'm definitely not a Republican. And I am not about to keep my mouth shut.