Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pattie Boyd's Long Strange Harrison Clapton Trip

Morning DJ Marty Riemer, on Seattle radio station The Mountain interviewed Pattie Boyd (Harrison Clapton) on the air this morning; she's promoting her new biography, Wonderful Tonight...

(Pattie is the lady who inspired both "Layla," which Eric Clapton used to steal her away from George Harrison, and "Wonderful Tonight," which Eric wrote about their life together. Harrison wrote "Isn't It A Pity" about their relationship falling apart.)

She told an amusing tale about the first time she and George Harrison took LSD. They were at a 1965 dinner party at the home of the Beatles' dentist and pal Dr. Robert, and when they got ready to depart, Dr. Robert told them they couldn't go home -- he'd dosed them unawares (as well as John and Cynthia Lennon) with LSD sugarcubes in their coffee.

Harrison decided he was going home anyway, but as the powerful psychedelic did its magic in their craniums, Pattie said George drove like 5 miles an hour all the way back to their country home, turning what should have been a one-hour trip into an hours-long odyssey. Meanwhile, with the acid lasting eight hours, LSD novice Pattie throught she'd "never be the same again."

Both Harrison and Lennon later pointed to the acid trip as a turning point in their lives. Ringo also tried LSD that summer, but Paul held out for about another year, until 1966, before taking his own magical mystery tour.

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