Monday, January 28, 2008

All You've Got Is Money

While thinking about:

• The billions of taxpayers' dollars being spent on the war, and the billions in obscene profits being made by war profiteers like Halliburton;

• The indoctrination of our children and young people into our culture of the fetishization of money;

• How greed is valorized and applauded in our society;

• The relationship between the extravagant wealth of a few and the grinding poverty of the many;

• The insulting patronization of our leaders in "trickling down" $600 apiece to us while billions are being spent in the occupation of Iraq,

I came up with this video to the music of Grand Funk Railroad's 1971 song, "All You've Got Is Money"...

I can't tell you how to run your life
To get along with one another.
Everybody knows what's wrong and what's right
But you can't trust your own brother.

Everybody wants to be your friend
All the chicks, they call you honey.
But don't trust them 'till the very end
'Cause all they're after is your money.

All they want is all your money
All they're after is your money
... is your money.

All they want is
All your money.
All they want is ...

Don't it scare you
When they take such good care of you
And all you've got is money?
Before they fool you
Please, let me school you
All you've got is money.

~ Lyrics by Mark Farner
Album: Grand Funk Railroad Survival [1971]

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