Friday, January 15, 2016

Toke Radio 112: Marijuana Doesn't Reduce IQ! AZ Legalization Nears Goal! Board Allows Medical Marijuana On School Grounds!

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Major Study Finds Marijuana Does Not Reduce IQ In Teens

(Hemp News)

Reefer Madness has been debunked yet again, as a large study conducted in the United Kingdom failed to find any evidence of a link between cannabis use and lower intelligence among teenagers.



Arizona Marijuana Legalization Campaign Nearing Signature Goal

(Hemp News)

A campaign to legalize marijuana in Arizona is nearing its goal of 150,000 valid signatures to qualify for this November's ballot, supporters announced on Wednesday.



Oregon: Marijuana Shoppers Adjust To 25% Sales Tax

(Hemp News)

Recreational marijuana shoppers in Oregon are taking a new 25 percent sales tax in stride, according to many dispensary owners and industry observers.



Maine School Board Allows Students Medical Marijuana On School Property

(Hemp News)

The school board in Auburn, Maine, this week voted to allow students to be administered medical marijuana while on school property.



Illinois: Petition Launched To Add Conditions To Medical Marijuana Law

(Hemp News)

The medical marijuana program in Illinois just officially came online in November. Now a push to get the state to allow people with a growing number of medical conditions to legally qualify is picking up steam.


Fans Mourn Death of Longtime Cannabis Enthusiast, Music Legend David Bowie

(Hemp News)

A lifetime of music came to an end on Sunday, January 10, as music legend David Bowie, 69, died after an 18-month struggle with cancer.


Customs Seizes Fake Carrots Stuffed With More Than A Ton Of Marijuana

(Hemp News)

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents on January 10 discovered more than a ton of marijuana disguised as carrots on the border between Mexico and the United States near McAllen, Texas.


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Lance Gloor Medical Marijuana Trial, Day 6: Juror Taken Out On Gurney

(Toke Signals)

By Miguel AKA Miggy420

“Another day, another decision not made, one juror taken out on a gurney, perhaps due to stress of being in control of a man’s life”… Is how is how I shared the news of Day 6 of Lance Gloor’s federal trial.

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