Friday, December 4, 2015

Toke Radio 108: Congress Tired of War On Pot! Alabama Mom Fights Marijuana Charges! Legalization Closer In Mass.!

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U.S.: Some Members of Congress Ready To Call It Quits On Marijuana Eradication

(Hemp Ne


Massachusetts: Marijuana Legalization Drive Gets A Little Clearer

(Hemp News)

The push to legalize marijuana in Massachusetts got a little less complicated this week. Voters had faced the possibility of two separate pro-legalization questions on next year's ballot, but now only one group's initiative is still standing.



Alabama: Epileptic Mom Who Used Medical Marijuana Raising Funds To Fight Charges

(Hemp News)

An Alabama mother who faces up to 10 years in prison after using marijuana to treat her seizures while pregnant has started a funding campaign for her criminal defense.



Minnesota: Intractable Pain Added As Qualifying Condition For Medical Marijuana

(Hemp News)

Minnesota Commissioner of Health Dr. Ed Ehlinger on Wednesday announced that intractable pain, as defined in Minnesota law, will be added to the list of qualifying conditions for which patients can legally access medical marijuana.



Nebraska: Tribe Interested In Growing Marijuana

(Hemp News)

The Omaha Tribe of Nebraska and Iowa, with a 300-square-mile reservation about 90 minutes north of the city of Omaha, is interested in growing marijuana.



Chile: Mother Restricted From Access To Baby For Smoking Marijuana

(Hemp News)

A Chilean mother says a hospital is restricting her from seeing her newborn daughter because she admitted smoking marijuana a few days before she gave birth.



California: Leaders Call For DOJ To Halt Enforcement Against Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

(Hemp News)

California Representatives, Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA13) and Congressmen Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA48) and Sam Farr (D-CA20) on Tuesday urged Attorney General Loretta Lynch to reconsider enforcement actions against California’s medical cannabis dispensaries following comprehensive, stringent and enforceable industry regulations recently signed into law.



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Cannabis POW Craig Cesal: A Life Sentence For Repairing Trucks

(Hemp News)

When Craig Cesal heard the judge condemn him to a sentence of life without the possibility of parole, he felt relief. Despite the ludicrous prosecution he had just endured, Cesal thought there was no possible way a judge on appeal could ever let a first time offender, who did nothing more than repair trucks that had been used to transport marijuana, serve a life sentence. Craig Cesal was wrong.

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