Friday, October 16, 2015

Toke Radio 103: Bernie Supports Legalization! Hillary Says Feds Shouldn't Interfere! Cali Gets Medical Marijuana Regulations!

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Sanders Becomes 1st Major Party Presidential Candidate To Support Legalization

(Hemp News)

Candidate Bernie Sanders, for the first time in this campaign, on Tuesday night indicated at the Democratic presidential debate that he supports marijuana legalization.


Hillary Clinton Says Feds Shouldn't Interfere With Legal Marijuana

(Hemp News)

Hillary Clinton is feeling the heat when it comes to federal marijuana policy. Just after her first primary debate with fellow Democrats who want to be President, Clinton is finally giving some answers about how she'd handle states which have legalized cannabis.

Clinton had declined to take a position on marijuana legalization in Tuesday's CNN

California Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Medical Cannabis Regulation Bill

(Hemp News)

Governor Jerry Brown on Friday signed the trio of bills known as the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act that will establish regulation of commercial medical cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and transportation, as well as create a state-level licensing system in California for the first time since the medical cannabis program was enacted in 1996.


Washington Troopers Remind Drivers of Marijuana 'Open Container' Law

(Hemp News)

You can't legally drive around in Washington state with an "open container" of marijuana. The state, thanks to a law passed by the Legislature last summer, now bans open cannabis containers in vehicles.

Oregon Medical Dispensaries Struggle While Recreational Pot Skyrockets

(Hemp News)

A gold-rush mentality after recreational marijuana legalization in Oregon is part of what's leading medical cannabis dispensaries to close faster than ever.


Denmark Hippie Wonderland Boasts World's Largest Hash Market

(Hemp News)

When Americans think of cannabis destinations in Europe, that usually means Amsterdam. Those a bit more in the know might even mention the nascent cannabis clubs of Spain. But many haven't heard of the biggest green-light district of all: Christiania, in the heart of Denmark's capital city, Copenhagen.

Guy Calls Cops To Complain He's Too High On Marijuana

(Hemp News)

File this one under "I'll have some of what he had, but without the stupidity, please."

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Gamers and Ganja: Does Marijuana Make You Better At Video Games?

(Toke Signals)

Most of those in the industry — and in da couch on indica — seem to agree.


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