Friday, July 31, 2015

Toke Radio 95: Is Smoking Weed At Hempfest A Felony? OR Gov OKs Recreational Pot Sales! South Dakota Tribes To Sell Cannabis!

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Ah, Seattle Hempfest. A carefree weekend of getting high the park, a little bit of heaven on Earth, where…

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In the most painful of ironies, under Washington state’s anemic brand of “legalization,” smoking marijuana at Seattle Hempfest is now a felony offense, at least according to a Thursday afternoon post from Hempfest head honcho Vivian McPeak.

Oregon: Early Recreational Marijuana Sales Bill Signed By Governor

(Hemp News)

Oregon Governor Kate Brown on Tuesday signed legislation allowing medical marijuana dispensaries in the state to start selling recreational cannabis to adult consumers on October 1.

South Dakota: Native American Tribe Set To Begin Marijuana Sales

(Hemp News)

Tourists in South Dakota may soon be able to go to a Native American reservation, buy a joint of marijuana for $10 to $15, then try their luck at the nearby casino.

Washington: Open Container Law Passed For Marijuana

(Hemp News)

Don't keep those roaches in the ashtray! Drivers in Washington state, where recreational marijuana is legal, after September 26 will be required to keep all cannabis in the trunk of a vehicle, in an unopened container, or behind the rearmost row of seats.

New DEA Leader Admits Marijuana 'Probably' Not As Bad As Heroin

(Hemp News)

It's progress -- of a sort.

The new head of the Drug Enforcement Administration admitted on Tuesday that heroin "probably" is more dangerous than marijuana, an admission his predecessor, the embattled Michele Leonhart, would not make, reports Steven Nelson at U.S. News.

Neuroscientist Says THC Level In Sandra Bland's System Was Negligible

(Hemp News)

The amount of THC in Sandra Bland's system was negligible, and equal to placebo, according to neuroscientist Dr. Carl Hart, who has spent nearly 20 years researching the neurophysiological, psychological and behavioral effects of marijuana.

Florida: Charges Dropped Against Injured Veteran Accused of Growing Marijuana

(Hemp News)

Charges have been dropped against an injured Iraq war veteran in Florida who was arrested after deputies said they found marijuana plants in his home.

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