Friday, June 19, 2015

Toke Radio 89: Medical Marijuana Doesn't Increase Teen Use! New Jersey Supports Legalization! Delaware Decriminalizes!

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Study: Medical Marijuana Laws Do Not Lead To Increases In Teen Use

A new Columbia University study published in Lancet Psychiatry shows that teen marijuana use does not increase after the passage of medical marijuana laws. The study, led by Dr. Debra Hasin, looked at past-30-day marijuana use among over one million adolescents over a 24-month period.

New Jersey Poll Finds Majority Support For Legalizing Marijuana

(Hemp News)

A significant majority of New Jerseyans expressed for support for legalizing, taxing and regulating marijuana in a Rutgers-Eagleton poll. The poll was conducted in partnership with the Drug Policy Alliance. 

Portland Police Say Bringing Marijuana From Washington Isn't An Issue

(Hemp News)

Portland police on Wednesday said that Oregonians who travel to Washington state to buy marijuana to bring it back are "not an issue" as long as they stay within legal limits. 

Delaware Governor Signs Marijuana Decrim Bill Into Law 

(Hemp News)

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell signed a bill into law Thursday night that will remove criminal penalties and potential jail time for adult possession of a small amount of marijuana. The Delaware Senate approved the bill 12-9 earlier in the evening. The new law will take effect in six months.

Israel: Researchers Eliminate 60% of Meyeloma Cells With Cannabis-Based Treatments

(Hemp News)

As the possibilities for cannabis-based treatments continue to make headlines in the medical world, One World Cannabis, a medical-cannabis research company, has announced that the initial results of its landmark study on treating multiple myeloma with cannabis-based solutions were extremely promising. After a series of tests using cannabis-based treatments, researchers were able to eradicate 60 percent of multiple myeloma cells. 

Australia: $33.7 Million Donation For Medical Marijuana Research Inspired By Granddaughter

(Hemp News)

A pair of Australian grandparents on Friday made the biggest-ever donation to medical marijuana research to investigate its use in treating childhood epilepsy and other diseases. 

Cops In Medical Dispensary Raid Eat Edibles, Mock Amputee

(Hemp News)

It's apparently not enough for California police to simply raid medical marijuana dispensaries. Security camera footage from a police raid on a Santa Ana dispensary shows officers eating cannabis edibles and joking about abusing an amputee.

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