Saturday, March 21, 2015

Toke Radio 78: Legalization On 2016 Ballot In Nevada! NJ Gov. Refuses Sick Children! Washington State Screws Up Legalization!

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Nevada: Marijuana Legalization Will Appear On November 2016 Ballot

(Hemp News)

The Nevada Legislature is letting voters decide in November 2016 whether to end marijuana prohibition and regulate marijuana like alcohol.

Massachusetts Legislature Considers Repealing Cannabis Prohibition

(Hemp News)

Last week the Associated Press reported on the introduction of H. 1561 in the Massachusetts Legislature; the bill would legalize recreational cannabis consumption and sales.

Former N.M. Gov. Gary Johnson Calls Washington State Pot Rules 'Worst-Case Scenario'

(Hemp News)

Former two-term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, now CEO of a marijuana company, on Sunday told an audience of cannabis industry representatives that voters, not politicians, are behind the legalization movement, and he called Washington state's troubled implementation of legalization Initiative 502 a "worst-case scenario."

Virginia School Suspends 11-Year-Old For A Year For Leaf That Wasn't Marijuana

(Hemp News)

An 11-year-old sixth grader in Virginia has been suspended from school for 364 days after being caught with a leaf that wasn't even marijuana. 

New Jersey Governor Refuses To Help Suffering Children With Medical Marijuana

(Hemp News)

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's cold-hearted refusal to allow sick children in his state safe access to medical marijuana was the subject of a blistering editorial inMonday's Star-Ledger.

Washington: 10-Person Team Sells Marijuana For City Government

(Hemp News)

Just a few days after it opened, the nation's only government-run marijuana shop was running low on weed. Open for just a few days, manager Robyn Legun, 36, was frantically trying to restock. "If I don't get this order in this morning, we're going to be out for the weekend," Legun fretted. Someone joked about a typical government operation, always running late.

Nevada Lawmaker Wants Medical Marijuana For Pets

(Hemp News)

A Nevada lawmaker on Tuesday proposed a bill in the Legislature that would grant ailing pets legal access to medical marijuana.

Toke Signals Must Read of the Week

There's Still Hope For Medical Marijuana Patients In Washington State

(Toke Signals)

By Kirk Ludden


Representatives in Olympia continue with politics as usual, listening to special interests and agencies that treat medical cannabis as if it has no medicinal properties. They are going against the voters by further restricting patients, and taking away their rights including proposing to drop patient possession limits once again, and breaking HIPPA laws by having a registry in the process with SB 5052.

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