Friday, February 27, 2015

Toke Radio 76: Legal Weed In Nation's Capital! Free Weed For Low Income Canadian Patients! Wasilla Responds To Legalization By Outlawing Pot Brownies!

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U.S.: Marijuana Officially Becomes Legal For Adults In Nation's Capital

(Hemp News)

A voter-approved law making marijuana legal for adults in Washington, D.C. officially took effect on Thursday, February 26, at 12:01 a.m. ET.

Missouri: Bill Introduced To Release Jeff Mizanskey From Life Sentence For Marijuana

(Hemp News)

In a very rare move, a Missouri legislator has proposed a bill to free one man from prison. That happened this week when Rep. Shamed Dogan filed House Bill 978, which would allow a parole board to release any prisoner serving a life sentence for nonviolent marijuana charges. 

Israel: 'We Can Become A Cannabis Superpower,' Says Green Leaf Party

(Hemp News)

Running up to the March 17 elections, Israel's Green Leaf Party on Wednesday announced a comprehensive economic study showing higher than expected revenues of about NIS 3 billion per year for the state if the cannabis market is regulated by law.

Jamaica: Cannabis Global Initiative To Assist Marijuana Companies Entering New Market

(Hemp News)

Legislation to make provisions for ganja reform was approved by the Jamaican Cabinet and tabled in the Senate in January 2015. This Bill, the Dangerous Drugs Act 2015, and popularly called the Ganja Bill, opened the door to the emergence of new financial and commercial opportunities for companies who want to do business in Jamaica.

Canada: Patient Assistance Program For Medical Cannabis Use Announced

(Hemp News)

CannTrust Inc., a licensed producer and distributor of medical cannabis in Canada, today announced CannTrust Access, a comprehensive patient assistance program for medical cannabis compassionate use in Canada.

Kind Financials Gets 2nd Round Of Funding To Provide Financial Solutions To Cannabis Industry

(Hemp News)

Kind Financial, (formerly KindBanking), the financial solutions platform for the cannabis industry, on Thursday announced that it has secured its second round of funding.

Alaska: Wasilla Bans Pot Brownies; Says Smoking Weed Still Illegal If It Pisses Off The Neighbors

(Hemp News)

Well, nobody can say the Wasilla City Council wasn't ready when marijuana legalization came along, no sir. Less than three hours before recreational cannabis became legal across the state, the council on Monday banned making pot brownies at home.

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