Friday, January 16, 2015

Toke Radio 71: Federal Judge Weighs Marijuana's Classification! Native American Pot Farm Opens In Feb.! 2 Legalization Measures In Ohio!

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U.S. Federal Judge Weighing Constitutionality of Marijuana's Classification

(Hemp News)

A federal judge in California is looking at the constitutionality of marijuana's classification as a Schedule I drug along with heroin and LSD.

California: Native American Marijuana Farm Opens Next Month

(Hemp News)

A Northern California Native American tribe has announced it is building a $10 million indoor marijuana cultivation facility just north of Ukiah. 

Ohio: 2 Marijuana Legalization Ballot Measures Emerge

(Hemp News)

Not one but two proposed ballot measures to legalize marijuana have emerged on Ohio in the past month.

Illinois: Medical Marijuana In Limbo As Hostile GOP Governor Takes Office

(Hemp News)

Illinois patients who are still waiting for safe access to medical marijuana were once again left disappointed on Monday when outgoing Democratic Governor Pat Quinn not only failed to award licenses to growers and dispensaries before leaving office, but actually tightened the state's already strict medical marijuana laws in one of his final acts in office.

Iowa: Benton Mackenzie Dies After Being Center of Medical Marijuana Debate

(Hemp News)

Benton Mackenzie, the Scott County, Iowa man who was convicted on marijuana charges after he used it to treat his cancer, died early on Monday.

Washington: Judge Rules State Can't Ban Doctors From Advertising Marijuana Authorizations

(Hemp News)

A Superior Court judge in Pierce County has ruled unconstitutional a state law which forbids doctors and other medical professionals from advertising medical marijuana authorizations in their advertisements. 

Israel: Green Leaf Party Offers Marijuana (In the Future) For Campaign Donations (Now)

(Hemp News)

One political party in Israel is offering marijuana for campaign donations. The only catch is, it's marijuana in the future for campaign donations now.

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