Friday, April 11, 2014

Toke Signals Radio 36: Holder Not Sure Feds Can Force Prohibition! Tribe Wants To Sell Weed! S.C. Voters Get Chance To Speak Up!

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Atty. Gen. Holder Says It's Unclear Whether Feds Can Force States To Outlaw Marijuana

(Hemp News)

Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday appeared before the House Judiciary Committee for an oversight hearing in which he stated that federal law does not always trump state law, declined to initiate the process to reschedule marijuana and reaffirmed his commitment to granting clemency to low-level nonviolent drug offenders with unduly harsh sentences.

(Hemp News)

The Suquamish Tribe of Washington state is exploring the idea of selling marijuana on their reservation at Port Madison.

South Carolina Democrats Will Ask Voters For Opinions On Medical Marijuana On June Ballot

(Hemp News)

The South Carolina Democratic Party will ask voters on the June primary ballot whether they support legalizing medical marijuana, in a non-binding referendum. Party leaders made the announcement to push a medical marijuana bill currently in the Legislature.

Majority Of New Hampshire Adults Support Legalizing Marijuana, Treating It Like Alcohol

(Hemp News)

The annual WMUR Granite State Poll released Wednesday by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center shows a growing majority of New Hampshire adults support making marijuana legal and regulating it like alcohol.

Boston Mayor Says He Will Block Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

(Hemp News)

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh this week moved to block the opening of two medical marijuana dispensaries in the city, saying he's "dead set" against the shops at a forum in Dorchester and then sending a letter to state officials urging "swift action" if any problems are found with the companies' applications.

Oregon Grassroots Cannabis Campaign Gathering Signatures

(Hemp News)

Two cannabis legalization measures in Oregon are gathering signatures around the state. Initiative Petitions 21 and 22, the Oregon Cannabis Amendment and The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act, are in the race for the July 3 signature deadline. Initiative 21 would end criminal penalties for cannabis, while Initiative 22 regulates and taxes cannabis, including hemp for industrial and agricultural uses.

Texas Woman Jailed After Calling Cops To Complain About Low Quality Marijuana

(Hemp News)

There aren't many good options when you buy a bad sack of black market marijuana. As Evelyn Hamilton of Lufkin, Texas, found out on Monday, calling the cops is one of the worst.

Toke Signals Must Read of the Week

Top 10 Things I Miss About Old School Weed Dealers

By Jack Rikess

Of the supposedly 43 million Americans who smoke marijuana, there is such a small percent of us that are allowed to have safe and easy access to our drug of choice, that to complain seems to be a little elitist and even downright spoiled. Having a medical marijuana card has changed my life for definitely the better and not to be redundant, and it’s made scoring much safer.

But if you’re of a certain age and generation, because of the nature of prohibition, the only way to score our pot was to go to someone’s home.

As much as I love having a card and going to the Pot Shop, or having it delivered, I miss the interaction of the old daze.


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