Saturday, January 25, 2014

Toke Signals Radio 25: GOP Governors Love Weed! No Guns For Illinois Patients! First Stoner Super Bowl!

The 25th episode of Toke Signals Radio with host Steve Elliott takes a look at some of the biggest marijuana news stories of the week.

Find out what you need to know about the week in cannabis/marijuana news, in 25 minutes!

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Toke TV Bud Pick of the Week

Texas Governor Rick Perry Says States Should Be Allowed To Legalize Marijuana

(Hemp News)

Possibly positioning himself for another attempt at the White House, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Thursday that he believes states should be allowed to legalize marijuana and that, as governor, he has helped move Texas in the direction of decriminalizing marijuana.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Says Medical Marijuana OK If Tightly Controlled

(Hemp News)

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said on Wednesday that he supports making medical marijuana available in Louisiana, as long as it is tightly controlled.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Says 'We Will End The Failed War On Drugs'

(Hemp News)

Governor Chris Christie on Tuesday took the oath of office for a second term and delivered his inaugural address at the War Memorial in Trenton. During his inaugural address he called for an end to the drug war and compassion for those suffering from drug addiction.

Illinois Patients Would Lose Gun Rights Under Proposed Medical Marijuana Rules

(Hemp News)

Illinois medical marijuana patients would have to be fingerprinted, undergo a background check and pay $150 a year, under rules proposed by state officials on Tuesday -- and they would also give up their Second Amendment right to own a gun.

Tennessee Medical Marijuana Bill's Sponsor 'Very Hopeful'

(Hemp News)

Past medical marijuana bills have gained little traction in the Tennessee Legislature, and both Democratic sponsors of the last bill, proposed in 2012, lost re-election bids after their districts were redrawn by Republicans. But Rep. Sherry Jones, a Democrat from Nashville, said she is "very hopeful" about her bill's chances this year.

West Virginia Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced

(Hemp News)

West Virginia Del. Mike Manypenny (D-Taylor) on Thursday introduced a bill that would allow state residents with debilitating medical conditions, such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, and HIV/AIDS, to access and use medical marijuana if their doctors recommend it.

Pack That Super Bowl! All Weed Championship Game Coming Up

(Toke Signals)

Now that the Seattle Seahawks have defeated the San Francisco 49ers, history’s first All-Weed Super Bowl will be played between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, in the Meadowlands Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey, on February 2. Both teams have 15-3 records.

Toke TV Must Read of the Week

Repeat After Me: Marijuana Is Not Poisonous To Pets

(Toke Signals)

No matter how many times it is debunked, the myth comes back again and again, even endorsed by veterinarians and others who should know better. “Marijuana poisoning on the rise in pets,” we were told by a headline this week. Trouble is, cannabis is nontoxic to all mammals, so “marijuana poisoning” is simply impossible.

You can count on some clueless mainstream reporter, on a regular basis, claiming that marijuana can “hurt your pets” or is “bad for Fido.” It’s just not true.

The latest silly story about poisoned pets comes thanks to NBC News’ Brian Alexander, who really should have checked out his facts before publicly showing just how sloppy a reporter he can be. 

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