Thursday, July 28, 2011

Y'all Gotta See My New Checks

I'm not a check-using person. Normally, I conduct all my banking online. But since the IRS isn't into that type of thing, I was forced to cough up 40 bucks or so to buy a batch of the old-fashioned, paper kind.

So, I think, "Hell. Might as well get some cool ones."

Oh, about that "So many weeds, so little time" slogan. They offered a whole slew of slogans to choose from, divided up into categories. So I went straight (OK, I went stoned) to the "Gardening" section and found that one, supposedly intended for the "pulling weeds OUT of my garden" variety of gardener instead of the "planting weed IN my garden" variety...

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Mad Bull said...

Oh Lord! You;re crazy, yo! LOL!