Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Toke of the Town and My Opinions

  • Soccermanic12990 Today 12:57 PM
    "Why should they care if you pursue one method of treatment -- a natural, non-toxic herb -- over harsh pharmaceuticals?",
    I love the articles TOT has on their front page, but its the unnecessary added opinions that make this stuff comparable to Fox news. Yes, marijuana is on the whole rather safe. Yes, some pharmas have harsh side effects. But please, report the news and not your opinions. Ill rely on Fox and the like when I want my daily dose of subjective journalism.
  • Soccermanic, let's look at the top of this webpage together.

    There -- right under where it says "TOKE OF THE TOWN," there's something I want you to see.

    Right after where it says "Cannabis Culture News," there are two more words -- I can hardly make them out, and I guess you couldn't see them either.

    Here, let me squint real hard and see if I can read them -- YES!!

    "and Views"! those are the words!

    "Cannabis Culture News AND VIEWS"!!!!!!!

    Do you know what "Views" are? Yeah -- those are also known as OPINIONS!

    Oh, and "Thanks for your input."

Toke of the Town: American Express Classifies Medical Marijuana With Online Porn

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