Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Here's Progress: S.F. Firefighters Rescue Marijuana Grow-Op

By Steve Elliott in Chronic City

​Sometimes the biggest signs of epochal change in society are those that are casually mentioned, five paragraphs down in a story. Such was the case with Sunday's four-alarm warehouse fire in Bayview, where fire crews remained yesterday monitoring for flare-ups.

"Marijuana was found growing in one of the buildings," CBS 5 reported, "but police Sergeant Wilfred Williams said this morning that the narcotics unit investigation found that the marijuana is being grown legally, 'for medicinal purposes'."

Now, of course, that's a completely normal sentiment to youthful San Franciscans. But for a child of the 1960s, it is nonetheless a big, happy deal. Youngsters, I lived in a time when such an incident could could not have ended happily for the growers, who would have likely faced prison terms.

Read the rest at Chronic City in the SF Weekly blog, "The Snitch":
Chronic City: Here's Progress -- S.F. Firefighters Rescue Marijuana Grow-Op | Digg story

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