Friday, June 26, 2009

San Diego Says 'No Bongs For You!'

Photo: smorg
Busted: Freak Factory smoke shop

By Steve Elliott in
Chronic City

Apparently nostalgic for the bad old days of pot paraphernalia raids, our law enforcement friends down in San Diego have taken time off from pursuing what seem to be less pressing matters -- like, you know, murder and rape and stuff -- to bust four smoke shops for selling marijuana pipes.

Oh, maybe it wasn't nostalgia, you say? Well then, perhaps it was petty vindictiveness and frustration at San Diego County's recent loss -- at the U.S. Supreme Court level! -- in its fight against issuing medical marijuana ID cards to patients. Come to think of it, that would fit right in with the macho, authoritarian attitude of disdain towards marijuana and its users -- even the medical ones -- that seems to be so prevalent in San Diego city government.

Read the rest at Chronic City on the SF Weekly blog, "The Snitch":

Chronic City: San Diego Says 'No Bongs For You!'

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