Monday, January 5, 2009

Radical Obama Acting Like He Won The Election

The GOP's formidable strategy for how to oppose Barack Obama

According to the Washington Post, right-wingers are angry with Obama for...not being right-wing. It seems they're upset that Obama isn't appointing the same people John McCain would have appointed if he had won. As the Post put it, "conservatives fear that some of these Obama transition advisers are too far left on the political spectrum and are a sign of radical policies to come."

What are the signs of "radicalism" that Obama is showing? He's filling regulatory positions with people who want regulate industry -- instead of the industry-stooge-hack-lobbyists who have filled the positions during the Bush years.

And in the area of civil rights, it's even worse -- Obama has people on his transition advisory team who are, get this, gay and, gulp, non-white.

To conservative tool Roger Clegg, this is "disturbing." Roger is also "has some fears about a return to racial quotas." Why? Because Obama had the radical gall to put the president of the NAACP on his civil rights advisory team.

So all those emails from our grandparents were right -- Obama really is a radical hellbent on destroy America with gays, blacks, and extremists who believe corporations should follow some rules.

But back to the matter at hand--conservatives who are in stunned disbelief that Obama isn't following the usual rules of an election whereby right-wing hacks get to have all the administration jobs even if they don't win the election. How are they to deal with Obama's brazen and outrageous decision to implement the policies the public voted for?

Here's our suggestion for how right-wingers can cope with the unfairness of Obama's appointments...


xenophon said...

The neo-cons and religious right are hanging on to the GOP as hard as they can. The fact they drove their party over a cliff, wrecked the national economy, and betrayed the Constitution doesn't bother them in the least because they have persuaded themselves they are the party of divine right.

Already since the election GOP party leaders have met and decided they lost because they weren't conservative enough. Good.

Since the election the head of the RNC generated an internal memo lamenting that his party is completely out of ideas, and doesn't know what to do about anything, confirming Paul Krugman's characterization of the GOP as "the party of stupid".

This country needs Obama to be a classic liberal in the sense that he thinks government should be an tool to be utilized to solve the country's problems.

Billy said...

hmmm... that's strange. I didnt see many conservative Republicans crying over the election. Matter of fact, there were no egg throwing or chants of dissent at the inauguration. But there were plenty of that during Bush's inauguration. A lot of sore losers and a lot of pissing and moaning by the girlie men liberals.

Oh, and egg throwing, too.

You see, conservatives have more respect for the patriotic transfer of power than to allow our beliefs to ruin an inauguration. No matter who wins. We're above that.

Liberals, on the other hand, throw eggs, cry, whine, etc.

We did not.

We have more respect for America.

However, now that the festivities are over, we are criticising Obama - and heck - it's very easy to do. So far, he's done nothing but f--- things up.

Oh, and it's just so amusing to see Obama and his klan of koolaid drinkers getting so upset over Rush Limbaugh. LOL.

I mean, Bush and company got attacked from all angles, and Bush took it like a man - he smiled and let it all roll off his back.

But wow!!! Look at these liberals now! Like little babies who can't take being criticised. Look at how they're going after Rush. Instead of a war on terror, it's now a war on Rush. Shows you where Obama's priorities are. At least Bush had the maturity to ignore his dissenters.

And what hypocrites the liberals are! Why for 8 years, they hollared and chanted about the right to voice dissent against the American leadership!

But now... oh oh oh... but now... hehehe... it's different. They're on the defensive scrambling to defend this socialist liberal and they're becoming undone trying to do it. Now these same liberals who kept screaming about first amendment rights while bashing Bush are the same people who now want to see Rush taken off the airwaves.

Can you say HIP-O-KRITS, boys and girls? Yes.

Anyway, I for one, am happy Obama won. For several reasons.

1) It's going to be comical. I mean, I love political humor. I love making fun of political f-ups and you guys are just such an easy target - hehehe.

2) Obama is going to mess things up so bad that you won't see another Democrat President for 20 years after his one term is done.

3) I didn't care much for Mccain and now we have a clean slate for a new face for 2012.

Anyway - if you think Rush Limbaugh is so bad now. This is only the beginning. You guys got a loooooong road ahead of you and it's going to be filled with us conservatives being outspoken about every mistake Obama makes.

And there's not much you can do about it.

Remember - freedom of speech:)

Ahhh... these next few years are going to be fun fun fun - with such a socialistic wuss in the White House. We're going to have a field day. And I'm going to be sitting here with a smug little grin on my face watching you liberals scramble. LOL

Billy Kess

☮~alapoet~☠ said...

So yeah, Billy, you must be right.

That would be why the silly-ass liberals tried to impeach a president for getting a blowjob, but the noble Republicans didn't even try to impeach a president for leading us into war under false pretenses.

Oh, wait... That was the other way around, wasn't it?

What makes it even funnier is how ignorantly reactionary nimrods (well, such as yourself, for instance) always drag that "socialist" label out when they are desperate and scared. You Republicans are so darn CUTE when you're terrified!

Hey -- conservatives got their ASSES HANDED TO THEM in the last election. The fucked things up for eight years with lying, corruption and ineptitude, and you call the DEMOCRATS comical?

Are you a dumb shit, or do you just portray one on the Web?