Saturday, April 26, 2008

Apparently, I'm A Freak For Speaking Out Against Rob McKenna And For Medical Marijuana Patients

A Republican zealot and Rob McKenna apologist I'll call "Kitsap Bob" has circulated some inanities attempting to repair the irreparable damage Attorney General McKenna has done to himself by prosecuting medical marijuana patients.

Since knight in whining armor "Bob" chose to circulate this nonsense in a public forum rather than send a private email, here are my very public answers. :-)

"Kitsap Bob":
You cite RCW's defining Rob McKenna's duties then you leap into fantasy when you offer up conjecture about "...right-wing marching orders from the Bush administration..." Wow!

That's not a fantasy: That's an observation of empirical facts, based on his actions.

Washington state law defines the enforcement duties of Washington's attorney general. Washington state law recognizes legal medical marijuana.

The Bush administration, on the other hand, recognizes no medical uses for marijuana. The ONDCP (and of course, the DEA) say that the very concept of "medical marijuana" is bogus.

Which side of that divide do YOU think Rob McKenna is on?

And lest you doubt that Rob McKenna is kissing up to the Republican establishment, that very same Mr. McKenna is -- you guessed it -- state chairman of outspoken medical marijuana opponent John McCain's presidential campaign!

"Kitsap Bob":
In past communications you admitted you've not been politically active other than observing a relative down south. This article confirms those statements and shows your ignorance of the process and quite frankly doesn't do the mmj cause any good.

I've "admitted" no such thing. If anything, I've said that once I perceived the situation on the ground here in Washington, it's made me MORE politically active, as witness my blog.

Whether it's in Alabama or Washington, when I see law enforcement officials refusing to respect the law, that pisses me off. And I won't be silenced from calling them on it.

For my entire life, I've done a LOT more than "observe a relative down south." When I lived in Alabama, I was an active participant in the campaigns of numerous liberals for local, statewide, and national office.

You talk about my "ignorance of the process." Well, if "the process" you're talking about is the disconnect between Washington's medical marijuana law and Rob McKenna's demonstrated distaste for and hostility to medical marijuana patients, I'm not "ignorant" of that at all. I'm a victim of it, and I will continue to speak against it.

What looking glass have you passed through, where my insisting that the medical marijuana law be respected and observed, somehow "doesn't do the mmj cause any good?"

Exactly what "good" are YOU doing the medical marijuana cause, by sticking up for the type of ignorance, intolerance, and disrespect for Washington state's medical marijuana law typified by Rob McKenna?

"Kitsap Bob":
The denial of the incarcerated and probationers mmj sucks. However, we deny that class of folks by law Constitutionally guaranteed rights like Amendment I, Amendment II and Amendment IV. There's probably others also, but you get the point. McKenna is doing his job...period. Change the law and the AG must enforce it.

Well, as a member of "that class of folks," let me just gently point out that I'm not asking for a gun or even that I be given back my right to vote.

All I ask is that I receive the same quality of medical care as everyone else in the state.

I believe it is inhumane to deny medical care to anyone based on their legal status.

McKenna's job is to enforce state law. State law permits medical marijuana. State law doesn't prohibit probationers -- even Democrat probationers! -- from legally using medical marijuana. In fact, under AG Gregoire, probationers used medical marijuana, and society seems to have somehow survived.

Prosecuting mmj patients who are probationers is a development largely of Rob McKenna's creation. If you'd heard the patients at the 4-20 meeting in Seattle describing the day-and-night difference between McKenna's office and his predecessor's when it comes to treatment of mmj patients, maybe you'd have a clue.

"Kitsap Bob":
Here's the real problem as I perceive it. Gregoire is the Big Kahuna of Washington. Her tribe has supermajority status. That means what the Big Kahuna wants the Big Kahuna gets. Her Bull Shit Global Warming legislation demand is one example. She said jump and her useful idiots in the senate and house jumped and had a draconian bill on her desk in record time. I'll bet LESS PEOPLE AGREE WITH THIS ISSUE THAN THE MMJ ISSUE, yet you see where Gregoire and the Democrat party's concerns are...THEFT OF LIBERTY and CONTROL. The circus that developed during the 2006/2007 legislative session with the redefining of initiative 692 should have been illustrative to all how little regard the elite fascist Democrats who are in control have for medical marijuana patients in Washington.

Oh, I see. Global warming is "Bull Shit," those who stick up for the environment are "useful idiots," Democrats are "elite fascists" who want to steal "LIBERTY and CONTROL"... And I'M the one's who's ranting and looking silly? 'K...

"Kitsap Bob":
Almost two thirds of the state approve of medical marijuana, that demographic includes Republicans. If you think Republican's don't sympathize and or participate in the protections of I-692, you're sadly mistaken

Where, exactly, did I say anything about Washington state Republicans not sympathizing with or participating in I-692? Nice try at putting words in my mouth, then disagreeing with them. Oldest trick in the book, but I don't think anybody but you is buying it.

"Kitsap Bob":
When you start with rantings many of us consider nothing more than Bush Derangement Syndrome it only makes us in the mmj movement look silly and pisses off allies.

Ummm, OK. So are you saying you think Bush is a good guy? Good luck convincing anybody but the hardcore faithful of THAT. And with "allies" like Rob McKenna and his apologists -- including, apparently, yourself -- who needs enemies?

Oh. And as far as pissing off allies? Maybe I need to adopt your diplomatic approach; you designated an entire political party as "elite fascist Democrats." Yep, that'll get you lots of allies. Won't piss anybody off, either, ya think?

"Kitsap Bob":
What about our county prosecutor the famous Russ Hauge, he's the leading Democrat in the county and perpetrates many mmj abuses?

Russ Hauge is an ass. So is any other prosecutor, Democrat OR Republican, who is busting and jailing medical marijuana patients. Period.

"Kitsap Bob":
Yes, I read the un-excerpted original letter at your blog about the DEA raiding the Vietnamese gang in Pugetopolis. That is a different issue and it isn't racist. Do you realize there were several murders involved with this group? Bad business and the mmj crowd needs to keep its distance from this type of activity.

Sigh... Because a few Vietnamese people have done bad things, that doesn't make all Vietnamese bad people. What is hard to believe is that I'm even having to point this out to you. Whites and blacks have committed murders around the drug trade as well -- largely because of the huge profits involved, because of their continuing illegality.

What is racist is when law enforcement makes a huge deal out of the fact that a garden supply store advertised in a Vietnamese language publication. The fact that I called them on that has nothing to do with any murders anyone has committed. It's just "guilty by association" or, even worse, "guilty by ethnicity." That's bullshit.

"Kitsap Bob":
Rob McKenna is a states rights guy, not a toady for Bush. If you investigated his positions on any topic rather than producing a juvenile rant you would know this... I consider you a clown with anger issues.

If Rob McKenna were a real state's rights guy rather than a cowardly poseur, he'd stand up for Washington's state law legalizing marijuana for medical use for anyone with a valid doctor's recommendation. Instead of doing that, he marches in lockstep with federal policy -- same as he does on the environment and just about any other issue you can name.

And I'll consider your opinion of me as a "clown" as coming from the same guy who said Democrats are "elite fascists" and global warming is "Bull Shit." In other words, thanks for the endorsement.

"Kitsap Bob":
We can't continue raising our freak flags and expect to be taken seriously in the public realm.

I am who I am. I am what I am. If that's a problem for you, Bob, then that's all it is -- your problem.

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