Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Five Years In Iraq: Bush Lied, They Died

Here's our group of North Kitsap Neighbors for Peace which gathered at the Kingston Ferry Terminal to mark five years of war in Iraq. Thanks to Mary and Marilyn for making this happen. I'm the goofy one up front with the hoodie. Many thanks to Rebecca Pirtle of the Kingston Community News for the great photo! (Click on the photo to enlarge.)

Bush's war in Iraq reaches its five-year mark today, with 4,000 American dead, and untold hundreds of thousands of Iraqi men, women and children sacrificed... but relax! Dubya assures us it's all "worth it."

Well, if your son or daughter comes home in a box, at least you'll have plenty of $4 gas to go to their funeral.

Leading a nation to war under false pretenses is an act of treason. And it is a despicably venal act when it is done for reasons of political gain and corporate profit.

Reality Catcher: Bush Lied, They Died

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